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Backpacking Food Tips

The need to replace lost calories on a backpacking trip is extremely important. With 10-15 years of experience in the backcountry, Dodge explains his system to balance weight and high calorie backpacking food.

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  1. Preston Perrigan

    You could add in instant potatoes, I never had em but I think there just cuts of potatoes you heat up and come out a packet.

  2. Aiden & Natalie's Adventures


  3. Joseph Burch

    Heavy but maaan o' maaaaaan is it goood: 1 Can of Corn Beef and Hash

  4. Todd Hickman

    I started my day with Pop Tarts the morning we started up Pike's Peak. The sugar burned off after about 30 minutes. I struggled the rest of the day. NOT good to start your day with sugar. They're great for dessert though. : )


    What I like to do is get instant grits and add dehydrated cheese and bacon, best breakfast ever.

  6. blackraven1515

    My sweetie loves pudding camping but backpacking its a bit difficult – so instant pudding mix, powdered milk mixed to have a just add water on the trail pudding 🙂 A touch of protein, lots of sugar and a good emotional pick me up

    Another Gorp alternative I LOVE – Its like eating pb&j is dried strawberries (bulk barn) and peanut butter M&Ms (they are not so great for the heat as they can melt

    That EZ bacon is great too – pre cooked – lightweight and good protein – bacon pancakes 😛

    Cheese, baby bells or even those cheese sticks for school lunches – aged cheddar holds up pretty good without a cooler

  7. Сергей Бодров

    Mix oatmeal, protein powder, peanut butter, honey, *crushed cashews, peanuts, almonds and walnuts, cinnamon and dehydrated blueberries, strawberries and apples. Mix well in proper proportions and place in the oven to bake for a bit. Let cool and cut into bars. Great stuff for the trail or anytime.
    *these can be added in small quantities until you have the volume or mix that looks right. And that is clearly to your own taste. It should be chewy, delicious and nutritious.

  8. Didier M

    Well I like it all, exept that I would NEVER put hot water into a plastic bag as a eating cup ! Be careful !

  9. Yoo Hooo

    Hi Cr0cket20, where did you get that charcoal colored beanie cap? I've been looking a long time for one exactly like it. No luck so far.. Thanks for any help with this. Great videos you've put out here.

  10. Ace Riley

    like the breakfast in a bag idea. simple with minimal waste.

  11. The all around gaming bros

    I am doing a duke of Edinburgh hike soon and you have helped me with food thank you I have all my kit brought except food but I was considering for each day
    Day 1: (don't need breakfast as having that before hike)
    lunch = tortilla wraps plain as they are nice , light and filling.
    dinner= noodles
    Day 2: breakfast= chocolate brioche ( chocolate breakfast roll basically)
    Lunch= Other half of the tortillas as there are 8 in a pack
    Dinner= (dinner not needed as hike would have finished
    Snacks for trip= snickers, trail mix, romneys mint cake and starburst.
    Hydration: I will have 1 800 ml water bottle and 1 500 ml lucozade sport 1 500 ml water bottle and I will have a juice squeeze tub for flavouring water

    Please give me some more suggestion

    Btw this is a current idea and not my final idea

  12. The Prepared Sheepdog - Juliusjammer

    Nice Venture Scouting patch!

  13. Ariel Lippy

    do a ???? emoji if watching in 2015

  14. Debra Voltolina

    Thanks for the video, ramen gives me a headache but, I do see that a lot of people eat this on the trail

  15. actualnames

    My favorite is my breakfast burrito: items needed are scrambled hard-boiled egg (spin in Tee-Shirt before boiling to mix), Pre-cooked Bacon (or bacon bits if your feeling lazy), dehydrate potato hashbrowns (you can find at most any camping store) or dehydrated mashed potatoes are pretty good as well (and can be found at any grocery store) and mini tortillas.  I just add boiling water heat up my potatoes, crumple in my ingredients and wrap it up!  

    Note:  Hot sauce packets are perfect for extra spice.

  16. David Smi

    Ramen noodles cooked the way the package says gets old real quickly. AGRED BUT if you bring them to a boil and then cook all of the water back off you can do  a few things from there with them. 1 bring a packet or 2 of soy sauce/teriyaki sauce and throw it in there and enjoy after the water is all gone. Use the same packet of soy sauce and add it to it just after the water is gone and  continue to cook until the noodle start to get crisp and then add duck sauce or sweet n sour sauce and eat. The wife loves that. enjoy.

  17. Travis M.

    Hey thanks for putting this together. Very informative. 

  18. Kimberly Hopson

    even though this sounds gross pickled boiled eggs last and are high in protein

  19. SandCrabNews

    I found Morton's salt substitute contains potassium which helps to alleviate hypokalaemia.

  20. Chad Von Dette

    Great video bro. I personally can't eat that much food. Especially being five eight, and hundred and forty pounds "Like a Bruce Lee", But Yeah! You knocked it out on how much we should carry. For me, I always take too much food. But I always have enough….