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Backpacking Tips // Girl Traveling Alone

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I learnt a few things during my travels, and thought I would share them with you. Let me know if you got something to add 🙂

IS the music in the backgroud disturbing btw?? Haha. Let me know 🙂 Thanks.
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  1. Chris -0

    woke you up for a cuddle hahaahahaha

  2. Marie Michelle Wi

    oh my god you are amazing, your video was SO helpful, thank you????????????

  3. Journeys To Memories

    Really good for you girl. Thanks for the tips and keep it going! :)

  4. This Guy

    I love that you have that world map on the wall in the back, I have one in my room and people always ask why it's there, as if I should have a picture of a music artist or something instead.

  5. Bronwyn Roberts

    I've done quite a bit of traveling too. Not only have I gotten to travel to different places but have also lived in a couple of other countries. I was born in Virginia and then I lived in Australia from the ages of 2-4. On the way back to Virginia, I spent a night in Tokyo. Then when I was 7, I moved over to Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived there for three years. And now I have been living in Texas for 10 years, which is kind of really long for me. I think 5 years is long enough so that you would have time to see other places. Because I love to travel so much, my major is Travel & Tourism and it's really nice. My main passion is to travel Europe someday.

  6. Sig Drusko

    Hey Cornelia,
    I live in Australia but I'm travelling to Norway soon for 6 months on university exchange. I'd like to do as many short trips as I can while I'm there, are there any places you can reccomend that are inexpensive or easy to get to from Oslo? Im starting to get really nervous about going!

  7. marian nguyenn

    I'm heading to Australia by myself backpacking in the next month. wish me luck!

  8. scrgrl98

    one tip I found once is to scan your important documents (passport, flight confirmations, etc) and keep them as PDFs on your phone!

  9. savannah indigo

    thank you

  10. tdreamgmail

    Great tips

  11. Abroad 365 (Jamie Gajewski)

    Always trust your "gut" … it's gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations!

  12. Suraya Ysf

    hi cornelia, can i have you number? i got many questions to ask. imma solo female traveler. and im just 18. i really need to talk to you and your tips.

  13. Ingrid Castriotta

    I find your fake ring idea very clever. ..I Will try it…couse I m maybe going South italy At The end of The month…

  14. Cat Mantagas

    Hi Cornelia! How do you book your hostels? From a specific hostel booking website? I really want to start backpacking, I'm just wondering what is the best way to find places to stay, etc.

    Love you and your videos so much!❤️????

  15. Charlene S Noto

    Great suggestions!

  16. VinnieVinz

    Philippines. ????????????

  17. Nora CuthbertStyles

    how did you afford to travel so much just after high school?

  18. Julian Torres

    Love this

  19. Milk n Honey

    r u a model?

  20. K. Ella

    These are some really good tips. Thank you!