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Backpacking Tips: How to pick a good hostel

Backpacking Tips: How to pick a good hostel

These are always the things in mind I have when picking a hostel while backpacking.
My favourite hostel search websites:
MORE BACKPACKING TIPS? – https://youtu.be/LoSb_lSHfJA?list=PL2eiBxCh0xIo3MT0BnBEAdVd-a8n8Hvoy
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I’m not a travel expert or have any kind of qualification in giving travel advice. I’m just a girl who loves to travel and am answering the questions I have received in the past about my travels. The answers given are all my personal opinions. (but I like to think that’s what makes these videos a little better – advice from personal experience rather than text book answers)

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  1. isabella pogliaghi Reply

    Would you recommend booking for new years in bali in advance or not? xx

  2. Alex Short Reply

    Cheekbone contouring though

  3. Ana's DaringAdventures Reply

    What sites do you use to book your hostels?

  4. Joanna Rose Reply

    not quite sure why you had to pick the israeli traveller who complained…

  5. Zeeq Chris Reply

    what's your favorite hostel/hotel in london?

  6. Erika Rodriguez Reply

    About how long were the trips on the chicken buses?

  7. han cai Reply

    What is your opinion on shared dorms?

  8. See New Zealand Reply

    Fantastic Intro video to your Channel by the way!!

  9. azaz z Reply

    your eyes are piercing blue

  10. Wanderlust William Reply

    Very informative and useful as always!! Great job :))))

  11. Tasha Horn Reply

    It would be lovely if you did a video about both how you plan your backpacking trips (what resources you use ect) and how you book your flights. I'm planning a 6 month trip to South-East Asia and I was just wondering how far in advance you book your flights and if you book any flights whilst travelling to avoid needing an open ended ticket? love your videos!! Thanks!!

  12. MrHanaarr Reply

    When on a working holiday visa in Australia, can you fly in and out of the country? E.g Asia? (:

  13. Golden Wanderlust Reply

    i love that " you get what you pay for "

  14. Crushed City Reply

    Hey! Thank you for inspiring me to backpack, I had finally summoned up the courage to go by myself. I'd love to invite you to my channel to check out what kind of crazy stuff I got into in Central America. Happy Travels, maybe we'll cross paths down road

  15. Pamela Kay Reply

    When traveling in Central America did u still book it the day before u went or did u book when u got there more often?

  16. SF.DC Reply

    you should do how to spot a hostel with bed bugs

  17. Cassandra W Reply

    Hi just wanted some advice… trying to decide where I want to go back packing. I've had amazing times in Nepal and Morocco but I got hassled a lot/people trying to sell things and for me it puts me off travelling to certain places. Just wondering if you were able to tell me which places you were hassled at the most and the least please? I'm kind of in 2 minds because although Nepal and Morocco were amazing I've stuck to western countries mainly for this reason xx

  18. Eleanor weller Reply

    I have watched a few videos on this topic and yours is by far the best.

  19. Sara Bea Reply

    Do you book through hostel world?? Would you reccomend doing so?x

  20. David B Reply

    I'm interested what you were hiding at 0:09. A feather ? Haha

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