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Backpacking Tips: Planning Your Dream Trip Or Gap Year

Backpacking Tips: Planning Your Dream Trip Or Gap Year

Here I will be discussing my top 5 tips to planning your dream trip.

Firstly, Set your budget! Your budget will determine everything from where you can go to how long you can go for!

Then you need to decide where and when to go, if you plan on travelling during high season then make sure you put it in your budget 🙂

Then head off to your dream location and start loving life! 😀


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  1. Miguel De Guzman Reply

    You have a black hair?! Hehe

  2. BackpackerWill Reply

    Great video, and actually helped inspire me to start vlogging! Uploaded my first video on Saturday which is also on 'How to plan a gap year'. Would love any feedback! Trying to gain as much information I can on what I can improve on!

  3. Abby B Reply

    You're so cuttteee! Is the dark hair your natural color?

  4. Andrea Gulić Reply

    oh great!! you were to interesting now i needed to go in the past to watch it from beginning! you are great

  5. ShadowKnight Reply

    Cool video! Good tips!

  6. Katy O'Brien Reply

    I couldn't resist coming back and having a look at this video after you just mentioned it in your new one, awwww you look so cuute!!!! 🙂

  7. Katarina Holtzapple Reply

    as a Croatian, I take personal offense to the fact that you'd rather go to Greece 😉 just kidding

  8. Naushad Bhatti Reply

    you look more pretty in this video as compared to other videos,    wow    man you look good in this look  🙂 🙂   XD

  9. Roger Smith Reply

    you spoke for 3:09, yet said nothing

  10. Krysten Taylor (Krysteninwonderland) Reply

    Loving your videos! Excited to start traveling! :)

  11. jeet7691 Reply

    Hey! I'm a first time traveler, Me and some of my mates are planing a backpacking trip through Europe this summer. I've never been to Europe before. Can you please suggest a few countries which are perfect for first time travelers such as us? (length of trip would be roughly around 16-18 days)
    thanks, love your vids, keep up the good work! cheers!

  12. wolfgang15425 Reply

    how long would you say is too long in one city/country if you have multiple destinations in Europe   

  13. Sam M Reply

    My dream is to travel during my gap year after college but it seems so unnattainable! Can you do a video on the cheapest places in Europe? I didn't know Eastern Europe was cheaper..but like which places? I will have a job my gap year and if I can make enough, my parents will give me some money to travel too!

  14. PsychoTraveller Reply

    Well that is exactly what I shall be doing in 6 days time. So I shall be doing a lot of videos on Oz and Working Holiday Visas :)

  15. Dextral Reply

    i so badily wanna go to australia for a working gap year… but at the same time scaried to do it simply because of being across the other side of the world with possibly no job or place to live or friends xD 

  16. PsychoTraveller Reply

    Thanks. I am glad you like them! Italy and Greece. Wonderful! Loved both places. Amazing weather. Amazing food and a truly amazing history! You will have a blast! :)

  17. PsychoTraveller Reply

    Well, this is completely your choice. If you really want to go, then by all means do it 🙂 But if money is tight and time is not on your side, you may want to tackle such a huge place another time so you can spend more time there and really enjoy it :)

  18. ElyseMarie100 Reply

    Like say I would want to go from Budapest to Moscow then to Warsaw (with multiple cities before and after these), in your opinion would it be worth the extra money and time spent getting a visa to travel to Russia, or would you simply cut that part out?

  19. PsychoTraveller Reply

    Hey! I have never been to Russia. Would you be going anywhere else in between?

  20. ElyseMarie100 Reply

    Have you ever been to Russia? I'm wondering if it's worth it to go through the process of obtaining a visa for only 3 or 4 days there…

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