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Backpacking: What to Pack & My Tips

Here’s what I brought in my backpack while traveling around Europe! & My tips for backpacking and packing light

Backpack – https://bit.ly/1GiMPz1 (This is the brand I have and love. I don’t know much about other ones, but I’m sure there are tons to choose from!)
Travel Towel – https://amzn.to/1L2pQtf
Travel Bottles – https://amzn.to/1GBTeZx
Lock – https://amzn.to/1QtcQna

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Filmed on a Canon G7X

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  1. Cris Yorke

    You sound American but you have a European (Bulgarian) passport? Are you a dual citizen?

  2. Cris Yorke

    That's so awesome man! I'm going from Berlin to Brussels to Amsterdam to Copenhagen to Malmo to Oslo to Dublin to London then back to Berlin this November and December as a solo traveler. My undergrad was in London so Europe is quite familiar for me! Love this vlog/tips!

  3. Sugar Peach

    This video was super helpful!! Thank you for taking the time to make it. The first of your videos that I watched, but I am totally subscribed now ????✌

  4. Aiden & Natalie's Adventures


  5. Bethanie Kingston

    This was so helpful. Thankyou

  6. Ryan Hoover

    Hey there!
    Where did you purchase the travel adapter that you used? I like the shape of yours, as we have had problems with the standard square ones.
    Was the one you had easy to use?

  7. Christian Chico

    Where did you wash clothing while backpacking?

  8. Akea

    Thank you so much! I've been thinking about traveling, but I got so worried about what to bring … That just makes everything more possible to me! … And that plastic bag trick is the most useful thing ever 😀 <3

  9. sophiibradshawx

    did this fit in the cabin luggage or did you have to pay for your luggage to be kept under the plane?

  10. Mint Slice

    my god your hair looks unbelievably amazing :O

  11. Isabella Vasquez

    where did u stay?? I'm planning to travel that same map as you. I'm trying to make a plan on where I'm staying. but don't know where is best.

  12. Green ninja

    ur cute….haha

  13. Andrea Montes

    Great video! Where is your adapter from?

  14. IamIona

    I love you optimism 🙂 actually makes me so much happier!

  15. Jessica Bond

    Were you able to bring the backpack as a carry on or did you have to check it every time you flew? I really want to just do a carry on but the dimension guidelines for airlines are so strict I'm scared I'll be forced to check it. it seems that your backpack is a good size, but the guidelines are a max of 22 inches tall and that seems so small to me…

  16. Vegantastic TV

    thanks for sharing!

  17. Poppy Noden

    weren't you cold in september :)

  18. Laura Pierson

    This was so helpful i'd love to like a how to plan a month long trip kind of video

  19. nhitnut

    I think u are very simple for it. thanks for your advice. very helped me a lot

  20. fasdglkads

    where in europe would you need an adapter ?