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Becoming Adventure: South Korea Travel Tips

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  1. L -is mine Reply

    Bro !!! Are you crying ?!!!!

  2. Simon W Reply

    #koreatrip +Aleisha Owen 

  3. pxmabby333 Reply

    It looks like the advertising company was trying to be creative with the
    City Motel initials: C (on its side) and M (as rising steam). Great video
    and tips.

  4. Loving Korean Reply

    What do you mean it may not be the first place on my list to go? Everyone
    wants to go to Korea! 🙂

  5. davidiom27 Reply


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  7. Heejae Jun Reply

    Cool! this is nice video~! Ilkie it! Have u been Korea Buddhist Temple also?

  8. bnz99 Reply

    Hehe, great video. You should’ve integrated an “Alright” counter though 😉

  9. guppies Reply

    Is 1330 toll free line? Or you have to pay extra??

  10. Carmen Lopez Reply

    Love the little tour of Korea. Also, the host is a hottie. Meow

  11. May Kim Reply

    Thank you~

  12. Abby J Reply

    do you teach english??

  13. 경빈 이 Reply

    I am korean. Im really thanks for making this film and i want everyone
    travel korea funny If who has question send email to me. I am student so
    not good at eglish but i want to help people. My email adress is

  14. komoko ashira Reply

    I am going to seoul next month~~~~ yay!!!! its sad that it got expansive…
    compare to last time when I went there 4 years ago, everthing got at least
    5 thousand won more expansiv e T T

  15. bnz99 Reply

    @jiffmartin As long as its funny and not annoying, it is perfectly fine 🙂
    I’m really enjoying your videos a lot…

  16. lavista4u Reply

    Thanks for the tips

  17. Jeff Martinez Reply

    @bnz99 Thanks! I know I overuse alright! It’s in all my videos. lol

  18. baeksi34 Reply

    very informative

  19. Jeff Martinez Reply

    Thank you! Yes I have been to several temples in Korea. Some of my Korea
    videos have temples in them.

  20. familypa1 Reply

    Wow . Great job. Thanks sharing

  21. Susanne Newton Reply

    Useful, thanks!!

  22. countrygal0 Reply

    i asked one of my korean friend about that symbol ( that looks like a bread
    baking) he said its has some sort of spa along with the hotel.

  23. Ajit S Reply

    Hi Could you let me know the places to go in South Korea, Busan and Seoul
    is planed. Is there other cities worth backpacking to. Please let me know.

  24. da10x Reply

    The symbol is for sauna/bathhouse. Also, people shouldn’t be scared to
    check out one of the DMZ tours, I did that and it was really amazing.

  25. lovelyw89 Reply

    great video^^ I LOVE KOREA

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