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Beginner Backpacking Part 1 – Introduction and tips to get you started

What you need to know to get into backpacking.

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  1. LuxAndre

    The biggest problem i'm having is finding locations, seems like there is so much info to try to learn. I would like to be able to find a list of locations in my area, times , and if i can camp while hiking. This process just seems the most daunting to me. Can you give me some tips?

  2. efregoso27

    i am sooo happy i found this! this is exactly what ive been looking for!!

  3. Daily News Mysteries

    Love ur tee … I have it in green ! haha

  4. Michael Reed

    Good job and well done video.
    I will be sharing this series with everyone who is new as well as anyone with questions.
    I am glad to find this series and subscribe.

  5. zr2trackerjoe

    I subbed to the channel because of these videos. thanks for the series

  6. Bobbi Ann Pease

    Great video! Iv'e been backpacking for a couple years now and thought I'd check it out anyways because you can always learn something. It got me thinking, and here a few more tips for everyone…A great website to checkout for gear is https://www.backcountry.com/ Also, another great benefit to becoming a REI Member is that you get a couple extra coupons that are nice. You are also able to buy things at REI's monthly garage sale. They have one every month at the stores and things other customers have returned are sold there for a much lower price. And only members are able to purchase them. For example, I got a $170 bivy for $30, that's a steal! Another tip for getting into backpacking is don't feel like you have to purchase everything all at once. See if anyone you know has extra gear, or if you can borrow their gear. It wouldn't be too great if you spent a good bit of money on gear to try something out and learn that you didn't like it. Along with that, shelters (tents,hammocks, bivys, etc.) can be very expensive. So if you are tight on money, or are unsure about backpacking, do some research and try to find trails that have shelters on them. If you are in South Western PA, check out the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, it's pretty nice! Hopefully this helps some people. out, happy trails!

  7. 1bozina

    Don't forget… SAFETY
    Especially if backpacking alone. Know the hazards of the area. Tell someone else where you are going along with your itinerary. Carry your cell phone in a waterproof pouch and only power it up in areas where there may be service. Take a knife and some small tools (pliers, piece of wire a little bit of electrical tape) as all of those can be used for a variety of things from repairing broken gear to a tourniquet. Also, remember Food, Shelter, Water – take enough of the above or have a backup plan for each.

  8. sudo242

    Don't forget the Glock

  9. Rob Marley

    This is a great series for newbies, I did a lot of research on YT before I started. It would have been nice to have it all in one video.Things that perplexed me when I 1st started were: How much h20 and food to carry, where to hike that matched my skill level, navigation, where to get maps, how to pack your bag, directions to trail head and choosing a trail route among a network of larger trails, where to purchase gear and finding the right fit (try on many packs before you buy). I am still learning new things and changing my system all the time.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chris

  10. patricia Scott

    Really good video. I watched another video you made, and realized,I had wrong shoes and got supportive inserts that you .talked about, It made all the difference ,I am over 60 and thought maybe I was too old ,since I always had aching tired feet after hiking. Thanks for info in this video. There really is a need for info like this for new hikers,and not a lot of info like this that I could find,

  11. Nemesis Gaming

    I'm really glad that you're doing a series like this. This will make the research a lot easier.

  12. Howdy_Doughty Adventures

    Let's go Pens! Nice video bud

  13. Gray M

    Great video! Great information!! GO CAPS!!!

  14. N.C. Outdoors

    Good idea with giving out some tips and tricks. There is always room to learn more stuff. Good job. Will look forward to more videos in this series.

  15. ketcamaro

    One thing i would recommend is to start out doing day hikes first with a lightweight pack and good shoes….see how well you can handle a lightweight pack amd start out doing short day hikes in an area you know fairly well. Next add other gear,say a small stove or alchohol stove to cook a meal on your day hike….then as you progress start doing one night overnighters in a well known area during fair to good weather…keep progressing this way with hikes and gear….

  16. David Hoff

    Love it! Looking forward to the series.

  17. uptrail71

    It looks like this should be a good series. I have a pile of gear that is in storage now. Did you check out my new video yet with the "Thanks You" for you near the end. My Red Wings got wiped out of the playoffs again this year! lol Bob

  18. geekamo

    Looking forward to the series!

  19. Jay

    I definitely agree with the point about holding off on purchasing a backpack. I bought one early and it ended up being smaller than I want. It was an Osprey so I was able to sell it without too much loss though.