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Behind the Scenes and Rental Car Tips | Jenny Ernst

[ 12.14.2015 – 12.20.2015 ]
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How old do you have to be to be a flight attendant?
Most major US carriers are 21 years or older. Some smaller airlines are 19 years or older.

What are your flight benefits?
Varies depending on airline. In general, we fly free on most domestic flights/airlines. To fly international, we pay a slight fee plus airport taxes. Most airlines allow you to add your parents, children, and a spouse OR one registered guest (sibling/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc).

What’s your schedule?
It varies. A LOT.

Do you have to pay for the hotel rooms? Do you have to share them?
No and no.

Do you get expense money for layovers?
We do not receive cash in hand when we start a layover. We do, however, receive a minimal hourly per diem (which we do not receive until our next paycheck).

How long are your layovers?
Again, it varies. Could be anywhere from 11 hours to 36 hours.

Which airline do you work for?
A major US carrier 🙂

Are there height/weight requirements to be a flight attendant?
Strictly speaking, no. However, you must be able to fit in a jumpseat, escape through an exit window, retrieve items from overhead compartments…you know, perform the basic duties of a flight attendant.

Do you need a degree or any prior experience?
High school degree is required; a college degree is recommended. Prior airline experience is not required. Generally speaking, airlines look for candidates who have prior experience working with people (retail, customer service, banking, nursing, etc)

How long until you fly transatlantic/hold a line/what-have-you?
It varies (are you seeing a pattern here?). This varies greatly depending your airline and where you’re based with that airline. It’s all about seniority.

Choosing a base + relocation :
You get based where you’re needed. If you’re lucky, the base you want will have openings. Some people have to wait months until their preferred base is open; in the meantime they are based elsewhere. Most airlines do not help pay for your relocation. They’ll usually give you a few days off to move, that’s it.

Thank you for watching! My name is Jenny Ernst (if you haven’t gathered that by now). I’m a flight attendant living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I post a new vlog every week + occasionally sit down to give y’all a proper video!

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    Wow, I just came upon your videos, and I realy like your post. My mom lives in Novi next to a mobile home park not far 12 oaks mall. I live in San Diego now. I was just back there in August on vacation for two week. thanks for taking the time to do these videos, they are fun and interesting to watch.

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    Just stumbled upon your videos…how long have you been a flight attendant? Also, when do you get off reserve and stop being able to bid on the trips you fly?

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