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Beijing Travel Tips – How To Use The Beijing Subway – Lauren In Asia

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  1. alex riches

    Considering that everything in the subway station is in English, I don’t
    see why you made this video in the first place cause every foreigner will
    be able to do it….

    It’s pretty obvious that even though buying a subway ticket in Beijing is
    easy as fuck, you have no idea how to do it. You don’t need to choose a
    line or station. Wherever you go to in Beijing, it’s always a fixed price
    of 2 yuan (pronounced ”You-en” not ”you-an”) a person. You don’t even
    need to click on English because even on the Chinese you can see the
    numbers 1, 2 etc for choosing the quantity of tickets. 

  2. PeoplesGeneral

    This works more like the Transit trains in New York and New Jersey…
    buying tickets depending on distance of destination… Whereas the New York
    subways use a metrocard and regardless of distance or transfers, the price
    is the same (currently $2.25)

  3. littlepiepie

    Actually you don’t have to choose which station to go on the ticket machine
    because it’s 2 yuan for a ride wherever you go. And yes I’m Beijinger

  4. jushengkai

    Well, you are in a socialism country… Beside all the human-rights crap
    some people always rumbles, there have to be some advantages. This is one
    of them: Subway system is heavily subsidized by the government.

  5. Michael Zhuang

    Lauren, is the subway system in Beijing friendly to travelers with baby
    carts and lot of luggage? Do they have elevators? I hate to have to carry
    baby carts up and down steps.

  6. Foxtail

    If there’s any chance i hope you can go to Chengdu.It’s a really great city
    in the western of China.Also Chengdu is Panda’s hometown.And people in
    there are really nice. 🙂 BTW,I’m from China.

  7. Lauren Bercarich

    Wow – very negative. It has nothing to do with American’s not using a
    subway, as I’ve use our subway systems around the country (yes, we have
    them). It’s the fact that people are traveling in a foreign country where
    English is not widely spoke and they may wonder how easy/difficult it is to
    use the metro and get around the city. It’s called being helpful…

  8. Jay Dubbs

    Nice tips!

  9. HRSama

    Great, but where to check to know what line you are going to take? BTW,
    I’ve just subscribed to your channel.

  10. copa8

    that’s basically applies to every major city metro – e.g. nyc – during rush
    hour, commuters are packed like sardines. plus, in the summer, no a/c in
    the stations (brutal).

  11. William Heathershaw

    Hi there. In Shanghai, the ticket cost is dependent on the number of
    stations you travel. So, you need to choose the destination station in
    Shanghai. Beijing, its RMB 2 for any distance traveled, so you don’t need
    to go through all that mumbo jumbo:)

  12. sj27625

    It’s easy, but beware it’s terribly crowded most of the day! Esp line 1 is
    rush hour thru out the entire day.

  13. Lauren Bercarich

    I always travel with a guidebook – and it should have a subway map inside.
    Once you figure out your home base and your subway stop – it’s easy to go
    from there. The guidebook will tell you the nearest subway stop to most
    major attractions. Use your subway map to figure out how to get from point
    A to point B — I promise its an easy system to figure out!

  14. Lauren Bercarich

    As I recall, there were escalators at some stops but also plenty of stairs
    to climb at others. As for elevators, I’m not sure as we never searched for
    any. I suspect you would likely get a bit of exercise carrying a baby cart.
    We traveled with our luggage on the subways (large backpacks) – and
    especially at peak hours, you can expect it will be a tight squeeze, but we
    managed it successfully.

  15. abiyobiyo

    nice very helpful how ever is st same if i want to go with bullet train

  16. accebernosam

    wait..isn’t 4 yuan like, REALLY cheap?

  17. lukebccb

    (cont.): So the “myth” of the “fat murcans” is no myth. Anyway, what
    happened was one day I started looking through this book I ran across in
    the library or bookstore or whatever. The book was snapshots of Americans
    in various cities and towns during the 1930s and 40s. As I was scrolling
    through the book I suddenly realized there were no fat Americans in the
    “snapshots”. I went and scrolled back and forth thru the pages and found 2
    or so bonafide fat persons but everyone… (cont.)

  18. lukebccb

    (cont.):… or Washington D.C.: persons living in those cities have
    subway/metros that they ride so they would be able to use the Chinese
    metros without any hassle. HOWEVER, with the vast mass majority of murcans
    living in the voids of the suburb/exurb, getting to point b means the
    personal automobile and for those folks the thought of just riding the
    public bus is “for the poor”.so what I wrote in my first message to you IS
    true. Let me give you a little observation I caught…. (cont.)

  19. lukebccb

    (cont.): … I caught inadvertantly one day. I have an interest in trains.
    And thus I view youtube videos about trains. The youtube videos I watch are
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  20. lukebccb

    Not trying to be “negative” but rather, I was being truthful. Your videos
    about China are excellent PSAs, but what I wrote about metros/subways and
    Americans is true. Europeans or other persons in Asia and even South
    America would be able to go into the Beijing or Shanghai metros and would
    know/figure out how to use them fairly easily because most of them use
    metros in the everyday lives. The same could be said of Americans that live
    in New York City or Chicago San Francisco or…. (cont.)

  21. lukebccb

    (cont.): ….everyone else in the photos was plain skinny by the standards
    of today. The point? In those photos of the 30s and 40s, Americans still
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  22. lukebccb

    I was going to post about why you would have to show stupid americans how
    to use a subway and then I realized that the average stupid american lives
    in suburb/exurb hell and have never even seen a subway/metro let alone ever
    have ridden a public transit bus.