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Are you a first time cruiser? Watch today’s segment of Travel Chat to find out these 6 cruise tips that will make your next cruise more enjoyable!

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Hey guys, I’m Hanna Yates and welcome to Travel Chat! So, there’s never a bad time to cruise; however, you might not be getting the most out of your cruise. Here are 6 cruise tips to help returning or new cruisers have a more enjoyable cruising experience.

Number 1: Arrive the day before your cruise leaves
One of the biggest mistakes you can do is arrive the same day that your cruise leaves. Numerous people miss their cruises every year because of traffic, delayed flights or some other travel debacle. Get in the day before so you can save yourself the stress. Cruises are supposed to be relaxing and besides, you spent all that money to go on a cruise, don’t miss it for a silly reason like that.

Number 2: Consider buying an interior room
These rooms are sometimes half the price of balcony rooms. Of course it’s nice to look out and see the ocean, but usually you’re hardly in your room. You can see the ocean from most other places on the ship and if you get an interior room that overlooks an area in the ship, it makes for a great people watching spot. Don’t pay more for something that you’re barely going to use.

Number 3: Bring your own alcohol
If you’ve been on a cruise before, then you know that alcohol is one of the things they’ll getcha on. Obviously food is included which is great, but if you want a glass of wine with dinner you’re going to be paying a pretty penny for it. That’s where you can save a few bucks and grab a glass to go from your room. Most cruise lines allow 2 bottles of either champagne or wine per stateroom that you can bring when you first get on the ship. Research your cruise line before your trip to check and see if this applies to you.

Number 4: Check your stateroom and dining table when you get on the ship
It’s easy to get distracted by all the things to do when you first get on the ship, but you should first check to see if you can get into your stateroom and if your dining table is correct. Going into your stateroom right when it’s done being cleaned is important because you might want something done to it such as your beds pushed together or your adjoining room door unlocked. Do this earlier than later because your stateroom attendant will be busy the later it gets with more guests checking their rooms and requesting things to be done to them. Checking your dining table is equally as important. You never know if your reservation got split up and your party is at two different tables. This happens more often than you think to accommodate people’s requests so definitely check earlier rather than later to be the first one on the list to get changed if there is a problem.

Number 5: Consider buying two rooms if traveling with your family
You might think that the rooms can’t be that small, but no, they are. Some rooms even have bunk beds above the main bed and the pullout couch, forget it. Maybe when you were 5 you could fit on that thing. Whether your kids are younger or older 4 people to one stateroom is a lot to handle and creates more unneeded stress. The bathroom is so small that you can hardly bend down to shave your legs in the shower so you don’t want to have to share that with 4 other people. Get two rooms, one for the parents and one for the kids and have them adjoining. This way you can still all hang in one room if you want and it can feel like a family vacation, but doesn’t create stress over space issues and sharing that tiny, tiny bathroom.

Number 6: Consider not using curbside baggage check
Last but not least, consider only bringing a carry-on for your cruise. I know that’s a lot to ask, but it’s really not too difficult. It’s much easier to travel with and it gives you the opportunity to bring your luggage on the ship instead of doing curbside baggage check and waiting for your suitcase to arrive outside your room. It also alleviates the stress of waiting to make sure your bag actually gets there and didn’t get lost. Just make sure it’s carry-on size because it needs to fit through airport metal detectors when you first get on the ship.

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