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Best Ideas for a Splendid Beach Vacation

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A beach vacation is something that everyone longs for. The world is full of beautiful beach destinations that spread from Dubai in the Middle East to Georgia in the United States. The list is so comprehensive and vast that it’s a mind boggling decision to select the best one out of these. These beach destinations are so popular amongst the globetrotters that cheap flights to these resorts are easily available all through the year.

Amongst the best beach destinations in the world, Molokai Beach Park enjoys a very prominent place. Featuring one of the finest and the longest white sand beach, Molokai is an ideal place to enjoy solitary walks on the beach. The Papohaku Beach Park with its sprawling tent area and excellent camping facilities makes for an ideal place to escape the madding city crowd. However, swimming is not a done thing as water can get pretty rough here. Oahu, home to the famous Waikiki Beach, is one of the top beach destinations in Hawaii. Try accommodating in the Kahala Mandarin Oriental that features world class spa treatments, dolphin shows and scuba diving lessons. Located at a 10 minutes drive from Honolulu and Waikiki Beach, it is a perfect beach resort to enjoy a fun-filled holiday with the entire family. Hawaii offers plenty of choices in the form of golfing, swimming, spa treatments, and a wide range of water and adventure sports.

Come closer home to the Half Moon Bay in California. Located just 30 minutes away from San Francisco on the west coast is the most beautiful and stunning Ritz Carlton. A quick getaway for residents of some of the major US cities, this one is a perfect beach resort that is replete with calmness, refreshing cool air and various other entertainment avenues. The African state of Jamaica is considered to be one of the most romantic of beach destinations in the world. The exotic Caves Resort, offering scintillating view of the Caribbean, is one of the most sought after beach resorts in Jamaica. With cheap flights to Jamaica being easily available on the Internet, no wonder the resort is thronged by globetrotters from around the globe. The Ariel Seaside Resort in Bermuda and the Ritz Carlton in Virgin Islands are the other beach resorts that constantly feature in several of the world’s best beach resort lists. Book a cheap flight to the beach destination of your choice and enjoy your best beach vacation ever!

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