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Big Bigger Biggest – Cruise Ship | National Geographic Documentary

National Geographic documentary about Cruise Ships construction.

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  1. Farid Ahmed

    And what about Titanic

  2. TheRED 101

    harmony of the seas is bigger.

  3. jess shi

    The largest cruise ship in the world isn't Independence of the Seas! It is Allure of the Seas, but pretty soon, Allure's new sister ship, Harmony of the Seas will be the largest cruise liner ever! Plus all three ship listed above all belong to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line!

  4. buba chelidze

    'Harmony of the Seas' is the largest

  5. Small John

    why should we travel back in time, skip the shit and stick with the new ship documentary..

  6. Purrs Wags

    Independence of the Seas is now the 10th largest cruise ship in the world.

  7. Kevin Sealey

    16:08 isn't this the same test area where the bouncing bomb was perfected ? Looks very familiar.

  8. austrorus

    waiting only for one sick passenger to come on board with a Noro Virus ( i worked a Chef on ships and EVERY outbreak of Noro Virus was caused by passengers who came on board with a cold, the flue, sniffles. and it got quickly worse, aircondition, ice water, and 1000/s of people togehter. at least we had good doctors on the ships who could trace back where it started. and it was NOT dirty kitchen, unhygienic food or sick crew… it was the passengers themselves). and since crew has their own kitchens and food and stringent health requirements, we never had a sick Chef, cook, steward, sailor, housemaid or anyone else of the crew). me on a ship this size ? never, even if they pay me!!!! and special not with Americans…

  9. XEF

    I thought the biggest cruise ship was Allure of the Seas (followed by 5 inches by its older sister the Oasis of the Seas). Recently it seems it's the Harmony of the Seas.

  10. CMDR Phreedom

    360p? My 90 year old Grandmother uploads in 720p by default.

  11. Ed Trujillo

    Excellent documentary with one shockingly glaring piece of mis-imformation. Queen Mary, a great ship and one that I personally have a great affection for, is presented as being the fastest ship of her generation because of her hull design. Not so. Queen Mary's hull design was orthodox with a knife edge prow much like Titanic 20 years earlier. Normadie's hull was revolutionary in it's reduction of hull wave drag and introduced the bulbous bow. Designed by Vladimir Yourkevitch it set the standard to this day. Queen Mary only beat Normandie's crossing speed marginally by 3 hours by using more powerful but less efficent reduction geared steam turbine engines. Normadie used smaller steam-turbine electric engines. Queen Mary was a beloved ship with a long carear but shouldnt be in this lineup. The hull efficiency nod should go to Normadie. As to speed the USS United States should be given credit, as it attained a speed of 38 knots versus Queen Mary's 29, won the Blue Riband in 1952 and retains it to this very day!

  12. agroppe

    For folks interested in maritime history, this was a great upload. Thanks! Folks under 30, can you imagine some of us actually watched TV in black and white with spotty interference?!! What a spoiled shit ass generation we have coming up.

  13. Colt45blackjack

    Not in HD which was advertised so not watching its 2016 why post such shit quality.

  14. Bush Plays

    First, not that anyone cares