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Car rental tips – How to get the best deal on rental cars


Car rental tips – How to get the best deal on rental cars

Getting a good deal on a rental car used to be relatively easy. But now it takes a savvy traveler to get a bargain on a rental car. Pauline Frommer, editor and author of the Pauline Frommer Travel Guides, shares the insiders tricks for getting the best deal when renting a car.
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  1. SoulDivider101
  2. Edgars Avdzejonoks

    I prefer to book cars through the broker like car-traveler

  3. 1megane98hp

    Renting the smallest possible car and asking for upgrade at the counter? Yeah right. Do that in high season and there will be lots of bags left behind. Unless you pay for a cab. haha

  4. CarDivision
  5. Theres Logan



    What’s up I am from Canada, this time I am viewing this Car Rental related video at this site, I am genuinely happy and learning more from it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jaime Librado

    This is a great resources for looking a car rental services.

  8. Someguyto

    How much would it cost to rent a car for like 2 days? My plans are making it look like no one is home but I basically want to use it for a fishing trip nothing fancy. I need something to get there and back.

  9. CarRentalRates

    One of the best ways to save money on a rental car is to compare the rates from all the major rental car companies and look for alternate locations in the area where you need a car. Of course if you are renting a car for business and plan to have clients in the car, then perhaps this isn’t for you, but if you are just renting a car for a pleasure trip then the extra discount is a nice perk. It’s too early to say if this idea will catch on and be expanded to other locations.

  10. Howdini

    Each state has their own laws. However, it seem to be the norm to be at lease 21 yrs old and you have to have some kind on insurance…either through your current existing policy (which you have to show proof) or pay for insurance coverage for the days of your rental through the rental company. 

  11. khai nham

    Is there any age specific and do you need to have your car insurance with you?

  12. Howdini

    Thank you! Very good to know! ;)

  13. jordan kugler

    I know it is for Enterprise rent-a-car. Enterprise will also beat any rate you bring them from any other car company, as long as you actually have a print out of the rates from the other company. 

  14. Howdini

    I do not think that most people are aware of this. It this the case in ALL states? 

  15. jordan kugler

    Word to the wise. The insurance you can purchase through the rental car company then becomes your primary. Therefore, if anything happens your own insurance will not even know about it or your deductible will not be collected. 20 dollars to cover a 30k car, or a 500 or 1k deductible. vs 20. It's up to you. 

  16. Howdini

    Thanks for watching and chiming in with that tip!

  17. johnnydontdoit

    Here's a tip. Car rental companies usually drop their rates when it's slow. If you know you need a car in July, book it when they are at their slowest. Chances are the company is so stupid they won't have an discontinue date for the cheap rate – Act fast, however because when business picks up, the rates go back up too.

  18. nanycrafts

    Traveling to Miami and need a car rental? look the best price in MiamiTameRentACardotcom

  19. Mr78626

    does anybody know any car rental companies that will give a standard car to an 17 year old in the UK ? 

  20. Thomas Karkula

    Rates are always cheaper at the counter. Unless its a holiday weekend and the company is nearly sold out.