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Caribbean Cruise Vacation (Royal Caribbean) [GoPro]

Took a GoPro with me on an amazing 5-Night Western Caribbean Cruise with Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas out of Port Everglades going to Belize and Cozumel.

Join me on my vacation flying inside the cockpit of an Airbus A319 departing Barranquilla, Colombia to Miami where I´ll drive around the streets of South Beach. You will also get to see many of the highlights of the Royal Caribbean Cruise, excursions in the port we visited, driving a Ford Mustang Convertible 2016 and flying a Cessna 172 over Miami.

Camera: GoPro Hero 3
Songs: Sigala – Easy Love / OMI – Hula Hoop


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  1. Orcun Sevi

    Excellent :)))))
    bahamas jamaica cayman and mexico…


  2. BinAlladin

    Really nice video . I would never swim in ocean with all those creature

  3. Cory Carreira

    Hey where did you get your music for the video? I've heard about copyright issues and everything. I'm looking forward to making my vacation video this weekend and didn't know where to get my music.

  4. NotAnAverageLife

    Looks like an awesome trip! Great camera work and editing! Check out our trip to Missouri which includes flipping off a waterfall, zip lining through the forrest, a boat tour through the largest lake inside a cave in the world! Link is below! Let us know what you think!


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  9. Patrick Sikorski

    how did you get into the cock pit!!!!! lol

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  12. Drea Stanley

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  13. Debora Brazil

    How much longing now watching your video rs.

  14. Sahsa Penagos

    tu panza es genial, me encanto