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Carnival Cruise 2015 – Fun Video Tour and Review – Here’s What to Expect (Travel Vlog)

Here’s a fun(ny) video of our Carnival Cruise experience as we sailed away to Catalina and Mexico!

What a great way to celebrate our 4-Year Anniversary! Service was exceptional. Entertainment was great. And the food was stinkin’ awesome (all day buffets and 24-hour pizza!).

We highly recommend it!



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Songs (in order):

Silent Partner – Spring In My Step
Silent Partner – Pink Lemonade
Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – Venice beach
Huma-Huma – Smart Riot
Jingle Punks – Lucky day
Jingle Punks – Stoker
Silent Partner – Rustled Feathers
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  1. Orlando Masis

    Hi there, really great video. I really liked it, keep it up!

  2. mzlil

    The live shows that you guys were watching, was it free or was there also a fee?
    I'm planning my trip this summer and want to know as much as i can, thank you

  3. Bump Finish


  4. Bev Adams

    You guys look like a lot of fun!!! Thank you for posting your adventure!!!

  5. Alex Faulds

    how was the curse

  6. Kiana Nicole

    Which ship was it? I know the line is carnival but do yo remember which ship?

  7. D M

    Thanks for the video… I'm doing the same cruise April 2016

  8. Hamburger Happy

    I went there before with my parents and when I first went on the cruise ship I brought home a cruise ship toy to remember I still have it

  9. juan ramirez (Creative startup)

    cool video!!! i've been planing to go on the same cruise this year with the fam

  10. OksanAzov -

    Great video,what kind of camera did you use?

  11. Bill & Lisa's food and travel blog

    Great video!

  12. Rachel Shugart

    My daughter and I really liked watching your vlog. Out of all the vlogs I have watched, yours was the most entertaining. When we go on our cruise I am going to try to make a vlog as enjoyable as yours. We are taking a 10 year old and it will be my daughter's 21st birthday. Our third time. The 10 years old's first time.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Anna martin

    Excellent video!
    I enjoyed it very much.
    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  14. Blingo Brown

    ill be there in october!!! lol

  15. kelsey garner

    my boyfriend and i are going on a carnival cruise for our 6th anniversary. This so helped

  16. Michael Hulbert

    Nice video… I feel like I know you guys now. We're going on the Carnival Fascination in February. I can't wait to use my GoPro.

  17. Chelsea Garza

    We just did a carnival cruise! Made a video of ours too! So much fun!

  18. Lindsey Lou-who

    You guys are so sweet I got diabeetus – thanks for sharing this awesome vlog! The hubs and I are cruisin' next month and we can't wait!