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Carnival Cruise Vacation 2015 | Vlog 1 | Miami

♡ I’m Back guys! 🙂 I had a wonderful trip, sadly it was too short and now I am back to reality. Now I get to share with you my trip through these vlogs & pictures. We flew into Miami, got on the beautiful Carnival Breeze cruise ship, Sailed to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, & Cozumel Mexico. We traveled all the way around Cuba’s coast. I met a lot of nice people and had wonderful experience.
Now I am back and will be working on these vlogs for you! 🙂 I hope you enjoy them ♡ please help me get to 200 subscribers!
xoxo- Marina
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  1. Cinema Locos

    Nice editing !!!! Loved the opening shot of your video 🙂 best wishes to you from me ????✨????

  2. Stormzeez

    Just went on the magic, was my 2nd cruise but 1st on carnival. Still Disney is just a little better but carnival is still a great cruise line, going on the carnival glory next summer and can't wait

  3. kkloves cupcakes

    im going on 1 in like 2days

  4. cutiepie_animals Minecraft

    Tomarrow is the last day of school then the next day we pick up my big sister Isabella. After about one or two days we get to go on the cruise!!!!!!!!!

  5. gabrielle anjanette

    What hotel did u stay in.?

  6. Gage Purdy

    What do you use to edit your videos and thumbnails? btw I can't wait to watch all of your cruise vlogs!

  7. Kaylie.sage

    Why don't you have more subbies??? Your awesome !!!

  8. Rayko

    Cool video.

  9. Pratibhaa Ashok

    Now I'm soo excited about my cruise
    Btw I'm going on cunard queen Victoria


    OWESOME VIDEO!! You did it wonderful, Mario

  11. Evan Engler

    I just went on this cruise 2 weeks ago and now uploading my vlogs :)


    Lovely video and well shot. I really wonna be there ☺

  13. Jayla Miller

    I went on the breeze April 19th-25th, 2015

  14. Z- RanDom

    I'm going tmrw I'm so happy

  15. Gabby Pesa

    OH MY GOSH! I also just realized that I live very close to you haha.

  16. Gabby Pesa

    Just subscribed, In love w your channel. I'm going on a cruise soon, I also loved this vlog :)

  17. Lily Rivas

    Is there wifi ????????

  18. TheMBLgaming

    About to set sail in a week cruises are so much fun!

  19. Nicole Mccann

    I'm a new sub and I'm going on a cruise in march I'm so excited love your vids???????? BTW I live in Ohio too????????

  20. Jada Thompson

    Oh my gosh I was exactly where you were in Miami when I went on my cruise in 2014 (carnival splendor)