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Carnival Victory Tour ~ Carnival Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour

Carnival Victory Tour ~ Carnival Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour

Tour the Carnival Victory from Carnival Cruise Line and all of the cruise ship’s venues and accommodations including interior staterooms, ocean view staterooms, balcony staterooms, mini golf, Triton’s Main Pool, Seaside Theatre, King of the Sea Pool, Twister Waterslide, Serenity Adult Only Retreat, Camp Carnival, Children’s Pool, Circle C, Club O2, Spa Carnival, Mediterranean Lido Restaurant, Off the Grill, Chopsticks, Pizza Pirate, Sirens’ Pool, Seven Seas Lobby & Atrium, Caribbean Main Show Lounge, The Fun Shops, SKYBOX Sports Bar, Alchemy Bar, Club Arctic Dance Club, Coral Sea Cafe, Neptune’s Way Promenade, The Taste Bar, South China Sea Club Casino, Virtual Sea Arcade, Irish Sea Piano Bar, Black & Red Seas Jazz Lounge, Adriatic Aft Lounge, Indian Library, photo gallery, art gallery, Atlantic Forward Dining Room, internet cafe, Ionian Room Lounge and Pacific Aft Dining Room. ~ Visit Our Website: https://www.PopularCruising.com
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  1. Ethel Lett Reply

    Who's going in October

  2. pikachu squad Reply

    lol! this cruise was fun but it got boring to me there was like no where to go

  3. Ishanti Foster Reply

    ill be on this baby THRUSDAY AUGUST 18 2016!!!

  4. Nahialys Diaz Reply

    I wen ton this cruises but it came from PUERTO RICO TO THE BAHAMAS ????

    it's cool

  5. KidneyGirl91 Reply

    excellent excellent video I'm not sure if you mentioned this already but I was just wondering are there any of Guy Fieri's restaurants on board like the pig and anchor or his burger jionr?

  6. Kevin Pan Reply

    has the Victory got the Fun 2.0 upgrade yet?

  7. Tony Tags Reply

    If I didn't say it before, thank you so much for making the video

  8. Karly the unicorn Reply

    Wow its look pretty awesome I need to came there some time with my friends and Family its will be awesome when I'm Older I think so it's look so cool inside I have sine it avtside It Look Pretty Big and freaking cool????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. iReloadin Reply

    Who's coming on August 11th?

  10. amanda tags Reply

    Who's going July 31st

  11. Soul scraper Reply

    I'm going to this cruise ship in a 10 days

  12. Julie Holmes Reply

    This Carnival link will help with documentation questions. While it is best to have a passport, U.S citizens only need a drivers license & birth certificate to cruise from one U.S port and end at a U.S. port. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3409/session/L3RpbWUvMTQ2NjYyNDU2MS9zaWQvc3NuZEhJVG0%3D

  13. Og Savage Reply

    Going July 31 .!! How deep are the pools

  14. SISreviews Reply

    We LOVE cruising and we love the Carnival Magic! Great job!

  15. LethalBeatZ Reply

    Me, my sis, and I hated this cruise…

  16. Purelax1000 Reply

    Is their anything free on the boat such as food or parks

  17. Leandro Lima Reply

    Popular Cruising The best movie. Please post name of music to edition movies. Congratulations

  18. 231polkadots231 Reply

    As part of my vacation to the Bahamas, my family and I took a cruise on this particular Carnival ship.

  19. Keno Newton Reply

    going in a couple days but it look a little boring

  20. Cool Smile Reply

    Hey that's pretty good.

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