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  1. patchouliii Reply

    I love you for making this!! I’m travelling at the end of the month and
    really needed this!! I wil download that App and remeber that 3oz rule!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    Your hair is so pretty and I love your dainty top!

  2. iAmJeshuaV Reply

    I like that tip about the skin. I fly a lot and I notice that I get really
    greasy up in the air then I breakout really badly after a flight. i’m gonna
    use a moisturizer next time i’m on a plane. 

  3. Simply Mara Reply

    I’ve never flown before but I know what video to refer back to when I do!

  4. Naturally Ann Reply

    Wow you covered everything, girl!!!! Love your tips. I’m not crazy about
    traveling. Love getting to my destination but the traveling part flying or
    driving is sucky for me! I should make a video about my honeymoon
    story…lol. Have fun on your trip!!!!! Thank you for this video I’m
    actually saving this to my favorites. 

  5. Janay Draper Reply

    love this video! it helped alot!

  6. Curly4Christy Reply

    Wow! Very interesting video! You’re very informative! ^_^

  7. Birma Bibi Reply

    Great tips, i always get cold too. 

  8. Jodi-Kay Edwards Reply

    Love your style girl! Yay for no baggage fees. I always pack some extra
    clothes in my carry on, I get so paranoid. Great tips! 

  9. Birma Bibi Reply

    Great tips, i always get cold too. 

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