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Ceara – Brazil

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Ceara – Brazil

To be honest with you, before going to Ceara, Brazil, my husband and I did not know what to expect there. We were conscious that it could be both, unbelievably good or bad. To our surprise, what we discovered for ourselves was a very pleasant weather, lots of sun, and superb beaches. All of the above make Ceara one of the main tourist destinations of Northeast in Brazil. It is located right below the line of the Equator, and has 573 km of coast along the Atlantic Ocean. The sea breeze softens the temperature, making the air to be about between 23C at night and 30C during the day all year around, and has a typical tropical climate.

Based on some dates and historians, Spanish expeditions arrived in Ceara in 1500, at Ponta Grossa Cape, but for some reasons the discovery was never officially recorded. Ceara’s occupation began in 1603 with Pero Coelho de Sousa’s expedition. In 1649, the Dutchman Matthias Beck built fort Schoonenborch, that some years later would be called Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora de Assuncao, initial landmark of Fortaleza, which in 1823 was elevated to a city status by the Imperator Dom Pedro I. Later, when Province of the Ceara was separated from the Province of Pernambuco, Fortaleza became Ceara’s capital city, which now a days is the fourth biggest city in Brazil, with a population more than 2400 000 people.

Our firs stop was in Fortaleza. What can I say about the city? Fortaleza is the city of contrasts. Modern Metropolis has beautiful beaches, green bluish sea, and wind is always blowing. Most people are friendly, usually laughing and having fun. The most famous to see there are Iracema, Futuro and Beira-Mar beaches. Every beach has its own charm and unique things to see and enjoy. Beira-Mar beach for example, during the evening and at night turns into a place for the practice of jogging, biking, cultural manifestations, and shopping at the artisanship open-air market. On the other hand, close to the Porto das Dunas beach you will find the Beach Park, which is the biggest water park in Sough America.

I have to say that artesian art there fascinates, it is very diverse and includes rendas (lacework), embroidery, braided work in straw and lianas, ceramic, wood, leather, and many other inventive and beautiful handmaid works. The cuisine in Fortaleza is International; you can dine from Japanese restaurant to Italian gourmet restaurants, but the main flavors that can be tasted all over Ceara are typical seafood dishes that are truly delightful, such as panelada, buchada, carne de sol (which can be found only in this province), baiao-de-dois and tapioca.

City of Fortaleza is beautiful, but you do not have to stop there, because it is much to see on the east and west coast from Fortaleza. SolNascente Coast (east) awaits you with amazing smaller cities, fishermen’s villages and superb beaches as Caponga, Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes, with their fresh water fountains and the beautiful craft done with colored sand from the colorful sand cliffs that surround those spectacular beaches. The surprises continue at Aracati, an historical city, considered National Patrimony, that every year at the end of February and beginning of March attracts thousands of people to its colorful and joyful carnival. It also has the Majorlandia and Canoa Quebrada white sand beaches, known and famous all over the world. Along the way you will enjoy scenery of coconut trees, more beaches with lots of wind ideal for the practice of surf and regattas.

SolPoente Coast (west) is the route of sun, cashew fazendas, sea and magic.
The west coast from Fortaleza has in its dunes, cliffs, ponds and lagoons some of its most significant features. Wide beaches, many of them still in primitive condition, and generally inhabited by fishermen communities that preserve their traditions. You can see moveable dunes between sea, river, and green bluish lakes which is a unique landscape in the world. Some of the most popular stops there would be Cumbuco, Taiba, Paracuru and famous Jericoacoara, considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, find some great properties at www.holidayhomes.ca/search/brazil.html. It is a perfect place for windsurf, and for its beauty and uniqueness was taken to the condition of an Environmental Protection Area.

I recommend everyone to see my few favorite places if visiting Brazil. Number one in my heart will always be Jericoacoara. It is a little village with amazing people and settings, views, spectacular sunsets, sunrises, and its famous Pedra Furada. Second was Canoa Quebrada, and third I liked Morro Branco, about which I will be talking more in my next review.
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