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Costa Concordia Costa Cruises

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  1. zooweemama Reply

    It sunk

  2. Salmon Sashimi Reply

    that makes costa lost…I think about$50000-60000 per cruise…

  3. Ronn Gamiao Reply

    January 2012 hit an rock

    Before hour sank at near giglio porto

    And rescued in just time 

  4. REFEROCK Reply

    its all the stupid captains fault dont blame costa (carnival owns it)

  5. M2Killerz Reply

    I use to Captain a cruise ship, the it took a reef to the knee.

  6. belinda2118 Reply

    The Japanese harpooned her. Not funny.

  7. AwesomeShelly Reply

    Haven’t u heard? The ship sunk

  8. 231ian1 Reply

    keep vests on at all times during the trip bring your scuba gear as well
    and also some of you need to swim because all the life boats are out of
    order. thank you and have a “nice” trip.

  9. Par N Reply

    ´ It could never ever happen … ´ . Just like with nuclear plants .

  10. Harry Balsac Reply

    how much was this boat worth?

  11. sk6studios Reply

    Now the fishs have fun with it!

  12. Nick Lombardi Reply

    It was a beautiful ship. It’s a shame what happened to it. I hope Capt.
    Schettino gets thrown in prison for life.

  13. L Y.A Reply

    lol I don’t think i would want2 go on it right now…it’s half under the
    blimmin’ water!

  14. Chuck Norris Reply

    @Nickdamours1987 Then half the carpet is going to be mouldy … hahaha

  15. AmazingVlog Reply

    It’s sank, lol put that in!!

  16. Mjbmaster001 Reply

    What a beautiful ship. Sucks that sinking happened..

  17. skillbill83 Reply

    Nice ship! I´m “inclined” to go on a cruise.

  18. F117a62 Reply

    Wow, this beautifull of a ship and the captain pulls that stunt, must of
    got his resume off of monster.com LMFAO…..

  19. Luis Cartaxo Reply

    im travel in cruise in last year

  20. AwesomeShelly Reply


  21. spyhellmonkey Reply

    I would never go with costa i think mcs and caribbean and carnival are

  22. vex fan Reply

    I went two years ago with this ship and the same captain

  23. EvolutionOfTrance Reply

    anyone know the name of the first song?

  24. HelmutVillam Reply

    The Benny Hill theme of cruise ship companies

  25. Tom Olufsen Reply

    strange to think that everything of that are underwater

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