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Crew Cabin Tour – Royal Princess Cruise Ship

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Technician in electronic's full time Webmaster in spare time Trying to make a living :)
  1. brooke lyn

    That's cool. More continued success to you!

  2. Niki Barta

    Hey! Where are you from, wich country? Do you like ship life?

  3. Pete Bautista

    food and undies! haha edibles!

  4. drumtravelfun

    This reminds me of when I did time, except I had more room.

  5. Matheus Figueiredo

    You're such a slob,potato chips inside your underwear wardrobe LOL

  6. MyDebora77

    Oh my God!!! How you can live in that tiny space?

  7. BackpackingMacca

    7:56 "Or for whatever reason"………..you mean to rub one out? ;)

  8. sole dela fuente

    is very cozy do you have a window in your cabin

  9. Gerald Davis

    Living on a ship would be great. But the wifi suck makes a living working remotely unworkable, and working as a crew sucks because you have to share.

  10. chitownpolack

    In heree haha

  11. Backwards

    7:56 Or for whatever reason ;)

  12. Ula Leto

    thnk! it was very interesting )

  13. Mason Duben

    how long are you supposed to be on the ship? A year?

  14. NiederrheinAufzug

    Which Job you did on the ship?But it is very luxury. Yo have a cabin Steward for Crew cabins? That unusual. And you have bathroom for only your cabin, that is great.

  15. Generali46

    full of stuff! after seeing your video i wonder how many month they sign on onboard hahaha

  16. Robert Chandler

    Air force basic ???lol

  17. Robert Franklin

    What is the schedule like?? Do you have time to party with other crew?

  18. Greta Sniukstaite

    Hey it's amazing! I am looking for the video I have seen it last year at college, it use to be called girls life on cruise ship, but I cannot find it anymore someone please help me? I think it was maybe took out or something, it was with lots of songs and really nice video maybe minimum 20 minutes long, but no longer for 1 hour

  19. Willie Stubbs

    9 months… I had enough trouble committing to 2 weeks on 2 weeks off on the offshore oil rigs.  I think I'd go bonkers.  Of course it's not too far off from being stuck in barracks for a year going to tech school, so I guess it's similar only more unstable than a land gig.  Surprised that crew have cabin boys to clean their rooms.

  20. Adrian Ghandtchi

    I've been in leesburg before