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In late November 2010 I took my family on a 9 day cruise. It left from Baltimore, Maryland and sailed to the Caribbean. Here’s what happened during the 9 day cruise: As we left a Low Pressure System was moving eastwards, out so sea. This was bringing the rain we were experiencing as we drove to the port. This low pressure system was supposed to move out to sea and then northeast into the Atlantic.

Upon waking on Day 2 we went up to the deck and experienced incredible winds. These winds were strong enough to blow people off their feet. Seems awesome but after sitting down for breakfast in the Windjammer Cafe on the 9th level, nausea set in from the constant rocking. Dramamine helped but did not alleviate all symptoms.

Day 3 was exactly like Day 2 except they closed off the outside upper deck because of the intense wind.

Waking on Day 4 we were in the Caribbean. The sailing was smooth and the sea sickness was gone. However, it was raining and sometimes pouring. We were in beautiful Puerto Rico though, so we went out and made the best of it, always hopeful that the rain would cease.

Day 5 we were at St Thomas and even though it was still raining we decided to go to Megan’s Bay. Normally smooth as glass, we experienced crushing waves that were powerful enough that I eventually had to tell my kids they couldn’t go into the water anymore. The video doesn’t really demonstrate how powerful and exhausting those waves were.

Day 6 we arrived at the Dominican Republic with beautiful sunny skies. This was the first day that Splash Zone was open for the kids so we chose to stay on the boat, let the kids play and enjoy drinks on the deck. It was true bliss and this was what I had spent 00 for!

Day 7 we arrived at Labadee and the rain had returned! Regardless, we ventured out and spent the day in the rain, on the beach, getting wet and cold. Eventually though we were all so cold and shivering we had to call it quits and get back on the boat. At least we weren’t sea sick anymore.

Days 8 and 9. By this point we were eager to just set sail for home. The wind, sea sickness and rain had dampened our spirits. The sailing home would be a time to relax and just sit on the deck and drink. But it got worse! That Low Pressure System had stalled right off the coast and strengthened. Now here’s something everyone should know. If there are white caps in the middle of the ocean, they will rock any boat a lot more than you might expect. So when we woke on Day 8 the sea sickness was back in full force. All of the decks were closed and the doors were locked. Sea sickness bags were hanging at every elevator, stairwell and doorway. The store sold out of Dramamine. Luckily I had bought more in Puerto Rico. So my family spent the last 2 days, laying in our room, puking while I found solitude in filming the massive splashes caused by the ship crashing into the waves.

One last thing, on day 8, maybe around 2 PM the ship got hit by a rogue wave which tipped us very far to the left then back to the right. There was smashing of glass coming from throughout the ship and upon investigation, the windjammer cafe was destroyed, along with all of the stores – all of the stuff came crashing off of the shelves. Anything not bolted down was on its side. So they closed the Windjammer and stores for the remainder of the cruise – which was just 1 day. They also would not allow any video to be taken of the destruction.

Upon arriving home many people dropped down and kissed the ground – no lie. Since this cruise my kids have expressed to me that they would never want to cruise again and we haven’t.


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  1. Joe Patroni

    5:56, Tea's boiled honey…

  2. Yo Momma

    You're in the Caribbean. It rains. And then it gets hot. Even if the vacation went without any wind, you'd have still been miserable. Did you expect the tropics to be sunny all day and dry on land?

  3. matt jump

    This trip looks great! It would be so cool to sail in a storm.

  4. Pato G.

    Cmon White People… White marry White,, Chinese marry Chinese

  5. Pato G.

    Crystal Clear Blue Water,,, Lol

  6. pinkpoo007

    Thanks for sharing, I truly hope you had a great time besides the weather. I'm kinda shocked at some comments below. Guess some people's lives are worse than the weather.

  7. Eric Lewis

    You went on a fucking cruise and you call it the worst vacation ever BECAUSE OF WIND!?

  8. Jason Moore

    Why the fuck are you talking about it's the worst vacation ever some kids will be happy to go on a road trip 2 hours away be happy YOLO

  9. Tank Burks

    probably should of done just a little research

  10. Swagstudios (SwagStudios)

    What ship

  11. Anna Lavransdattar

    I would have liked it anyway. I hope you realize how fortunate you really are.

  12. WoahHeyGuys

    I was in labadee Haiti three days ago for a Caribbean cruise and it was hot and noice has hell

  13. Jack Fischer

    Jordan? That poor girl…

  14. Father Mao

    You can't blame the Cruise line. They probably did the best they could do.

  15. Troylon Troyland

    and people wonder why I cant stand Americans. What a bunch of people can complain

  16. khricket

    whiniest bitch ever. If you dont like the ocean dont sail on it.

  17. Bob Swartz

    We sailed for the Bahamas and before we got there they told us there was a storm, a huge storm(hurricane Sandy) and they turned around and ran back to N.Y. With Sandy on our heels. We stopped at Norfolk and there was nothing to do there so we stayed on the ship. At least you guys got to an island.

  18. Emily

    Lucky you could even go on vacation, most people aren't so fortunate

  19. Wilson Productions

    those waves are what you experience on a normal day on the beach in Florida. nothing to cry about with those waves. of course little kids shouldn't be swimming in stuff like that by themselves. the rest of your video though is right. that vacation sucked.

  20. Jadduck

    Hope you didn't forget your suncream lol