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Cruise Ship Executive Chef: A Day With “The General”

Cruise Ship Executive Chef: A Day With

In our A Day in the Life series, we take a peek into the daily lives of the most interesting people in the food world. For this episode, Zagat and The Huffington Post shadowed Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s executive chef Gary Thomas as he set sail on the Explorer of the Seas. Check out the video to see why his staff calls him “The General,” and subscribe to Zagat’s YouTube channel for more videos: https://goo.gl/AaWZHT
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  1. Shane Lee

    This chef… reminded me of Gordon Ramsay :O

  2. layzy24

    What is a mercedes? Is that what he called the dessert.?

  3. Popeye spinach

    We Need More of the Main Chef!! A Good leader and Role model!

  4. Jörg v. Kirschbaum

    Huffington Post Bullshit. Stay away from it and use your lifetime for better things.

  5. The Biggest Controversy

    the kitchen is huge

  6. Misty Luck

    So the camera crew got a free cruise ?!

  7. millenium2003

    job is too demanding

  8. 21 RB

    30k meals a day for less than 4K passengers

  9. Candace Lin

    You can tell he is called 'the general' for a very good reason! Imagine making a mistake and getting him angry omg. He'll make gordon ramsay sound like a massage therapist in comparison lol

  10. boom bob

    I could never feed 50k people.. That's crazy

  11. Mike Miller

    as a chef no k go 4 quantity k. and quality. st time

  12. Mike Miller

    not worth it k !

  13. Crazy 88

    Intimidating yet professionally cool guy.

  14. oopopp x

    I'd be SHOCKED if this guy doesn't make OVER a million dollars a year… you just don't understand how important food is on a Cruise ship til you've been on one… and a top of the line Royal Caribbean holds THOUSANDS of people you need to feed BREAKFAST… LUNCH… AND DINNER… also ANY time they want to snack…

  15. Michal Prelovsky

    he so funny, I think he must be cool and the accent he speaks

  16. BeerBiceps

    Love your channel!

  17. Hooman S

    what a legend

  18. Key Taste

    nice dope chef but why is he so hard on everyone ?

  19. Gustavo Rocha

    I would love to work with that chef. I pump out orders for about 4,000 people a day!

  20. Gerd Fabre Bernabé

    El chef tiene pinta de ser del ejercito. La verdad, en contra 100% de este adoctrinamiento y de la disciplina sistemtica.