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Cruise Ships In Storm – Inside Ship Compilation

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  1. Michail Gorbatjov

    4.10..wonder how it looked in the kitchen after that journey..

  2. Gregory Hamlet

    Love the woman at the beginning, saying this a joke. Can some one please tell her, the sea has never been a joke. But I think she knows that now..

  3. Radionut R

    take the horrible music off of this great video

  4. TheVanillatech

    Makes me seasick just looking at it.

  5. hipsu555

    dislike for shitty music

  6. MJack2255

    Yeah I'll stick with Sandals.

  7. ngipinazul kapalfacebookmo

    1:56 the best moon walk.

  8. VulcherHead

    Can I sign up for a cruise like this? It looks a lot more fun than a normal, boring cruise.

  9. rladd622

    why was there a camera in a bedroom?

  10. Luis Echevestre

    I would never go on a cruise. Even if you pay me.

  11. priscilla douglas

    idont know why but it looks fun lol

  12. Nando

    Stupid freaking background music. I had to actually MUTE the damn thing!

  13. marie -laure petit

    musique de merde !!!!

  14. Andreas Ryser

    music sucks

  15. BassGuitarGuy128

    Kinda funny watching those people stumble around awkwardly. I bet if you were shit-faced, the rocking would offset your drunkenness and allow you to walk straight.

  16. Paul M

    was on a frigate in a hurricane it was a hell of a ride

  17. Phillip Mulligan

    Cruise ships hate storms. Ocean liners couldn't bat an eye and carry on with class and style. The Queen Marry 2 has all these cruise ships beat by a large margin. This is why cruise ships charge $40 for a small 7 day supply of Gravol and give you free pork chop suppers.

  18. R Orellano

    Sucks because employees have to try to stop somthing they cant

  19. Omair Ahmed

    @1:12 the guy on bed was resting like a boss, holding tablet and not worrying even if ship flips over

  20. Jay B

    Do they not bolt anything down?