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Cruise Tips – Carnival Triumph

*Bonus Video!*
This was requested by a few of you and I thought it was such a great idea! These are just a few of the things I learned on my first cruise!
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I am almost certain I missed things, so if you have any other tips, please share them below in the comments section for everyone!

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  1. Carla Terlau

    I would love to read your blogs. Where do I find you?

  2. Carla Terlau

    You did a great job for first time cruisers! We're going in November and I'm going to recommend your video to some of our first time cruisers in our group!

  3. Patricia Boyce

    Great information!!
    Am going in October on my first one Thanks

  4. CU Tiger

    Anyone need cruise luggage tags? See my store http://www.mycruisestore.com thanks

  5. SkillfulWalnutGaming

    Thanks for this video I going on the triumph next Monday (the 20th) and it really helped

  6. SkillfulWalnutGaming

    I know you were talking about how bad the lines where you can call carnival and ask them about the faster to the fun pass and it gets you in all the lines faster

  7. Julie Naudet

    there are some carnival cruise ships that you can purchase WiFi now

  8. JessShontrelle

    Great video so true sailing this month

  9. mare2657

    For future cruises, try getting your eyelashes tinted a day or so before you board the ship.  It is wonderful to not bother with the mascara

  10. Molly Myers

    do you get unlimited meals? Or are you limited to breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack or so?

  11. Shalea Isaac

    Even though it might be cheaper to do excursions on the island's the boat will leave you if you aren't back on time. If you book it through Carnival the ship has to wait for you because they know exactly where you are. Just a little help.

  12. Aly Berryman

    When are you allowed to go to your room?

  13. Jacquelynn Scott

    I'll be on this boat in April

  14. Leslie Priest

    Great Video!! Thanks!!

  15. ShaLyn B

    I really enjoyed this video! I'm also in Texas and I'm leaving on my 3rd cruise in less than a week 🙂 In my opinion, the dining room has much better food than the buffet! The burger place is pretty great as well.

  16. lovelygrtt

    Do we get coupons anywhere for the cruise photos ?

  17. Carolyne Laughlin

    Can you please do a food video that's on the cruise with maybe some pictures?

  18. Melissa Theodore

    Just a note for Royal Caribbean Cruisers – Dining room food & Buffet food is not the same… its definitely different especially for dinners and breakfasts.

  19. betaomega04

    Carnival now offers 12 500ml bottles of water for $3, which is super reasonable.

    But $5.75 for a Miller Lite?!? I Mean, that's like water, too…right?

  20. Noah Jones

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