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CRUISE TIPS | Extra Costs of Cruising

In this video I answer some FAQ’s about Hidden Costs & Extra’s of Cruising. Please check out my other cruise videos here:
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*I did forget to mention that Wi-Fi is extra. Personally we think it’s too expensive and never purchase. You’ll find free Wi-Fi in certain ports at shops & restaurants.

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  1. peachyic

    Great tips thanks… love your necklace too????

  2. Marsha Q

    There's also an option where you can have no gratuity put on your card and you can pick who you would like to tip with cash. You we'll have to set that up with guest services once you get on board.

    This is great if you're a person who may only go to the specialty restaurants and you will tip there. and not wasting your tip when you did not get service in the dining room or if you want to specifically give tips to your room attendant and more than what the cruise line will give them.

  3. wadada22

    If you put money on a prepaid card and by the end of the cruise you still have money on it do you get that money back?

  4. Jessie Williams

    Where do you find out the cost of excursions for carnival? We are planning a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon but this is our first time cruising so we don't know where to find out all the extra information!

  5. Crystal Star

    Thanks, this was helpful! My fiance and I are thinking about going on a 7 day cruise in Hawaii for our honeymoon. It'll be my first experience both on a cruise, and seeing the islands. I'm excited, but also nervous, so I'm trying to get as much info as I can before booking. I'll go ahead and watch your other cruise videos that you mentioned. =)

  6. Jasmyne Johnston

    Hi Crystal, how does the spending on the ship go as far as the cards ? Does everyone get one ? (all adults, teens , etc. ?)

  7. GoranMak

    Very informative video!!! Thank you!
    I'm a PCC with NCL, and wanted to touch on 1 thing – with our cruise line, you can opt OUT of the pre-paid service fees (Gratuities) and tip on board as you see fit. However, it is important to let Guest Services aware of this, so they don't add the service fees at the end of the cruise. They will make you sign a charge waiver, and then you are free to tip as you see fit, and to whom.

  8. Fashion786 xx

    ???? Thanks….informative. This is my 3rd time…last was 10 yr ago & I forgot some things.

  9. Lena Mendoza

    can you get multiple credit cards for each person cruising and can you use a debit card to pay for the prepaid credit card?

  10. carly rohling

    Going on a 7 day carnival dream cruise leaving out of New Orleans this weekend!!!

  11. MelaninRuki

    Hi! Any info on wifi packages? Doing an 11 day Mediterranean in about 2 weeks…

  12. Ivana Simikiliva

    I've been studying cutting costs while on cruises and found an awesome website at Carls Cruise Cutter (google it if you are interested)

  13. johnkim19

    Thanks for the great tips. You're also easy on the eyes.

  14. kathy R

    Question. Is it true. Only need drivers licenses and birth certificate to have for cruise to the Bahamas

  15. Sylvi P


  16. Jazzy Patt

    I had a really bad experience in Jamaica when my friends and I went off the resort with a "taxi driver" that showed us around the island. It was a mess but eventually we made it back safely to the resort and we laugh about it now but I was really scared.

  17. Rebecca

    I'm going on my second cruise in a few days????

  18. janet faust

    MissCrystal, I really enjoy your "Talks". Where can I find your blog? I have been travelling by ship every chance I get since I was 7 yrs old. Which means I am not all that young but once infected by the Sea Bug there was no stopping me. In the early days there wasn't so much purposeful cruising, specially on the big liners. My first experience was on the ss Independence (Approx. 25,000 tons). We went to North Africa, Spain Italy and finally we disembarked at Cannes, on the French riviera just in time for Christmas.

  19. Ann Anderson

    We are going on our first CRUISE! April, we are taking a 7 day western Caribbean, on Royal Caribbean liberty of the sea! We don't drink, but will have occasional non- alcohol margaritas, bloody Mary's, coffee and soda. But we are at port 3 days, so agree, with NOT going with drink pkg. What can you get for room services, and is this included? I've heard they bring fresh fruit, to rooms also. Do you KNOW anything about this?? Thanks, Ann

  20. The Floyd Family

    We are going on the RCL Allure of the seas, in May.