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Cruise Tips For First Timers

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  1. Stewart Rood

    I recommend having plenty of money at your disposal,

  2. Elton Hyland

    I had to laugh about the first few seconds about “WHAT TO BRING”. Then it
    showed the Triumph. I say bring a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. LOL

  3. Sassygamergal

    one time my family almost lost a luggage but then they found it

  4. Dr. Johnson

    heres a tip do not go on a cruise, they suck our carnival cruise was all
    old fat fucks eating the crappy buffet food. The food was terrible except
    the formal dining room witch was expensive. the price of beer and drinks
    was crazy my wife and i spent $400 on bar tab during the week and over $300
    at the restaurant. Could not even eat the hamburger they offered at the
    cheap places, so bad i spit it out. All the excursions are like disney
    land stucko fake ass shit, tourist trap hell

  5. kingoftheroosters

    The only cruise i will take in my life will be Alaska sorry i do not want
    to be around 3000 people . ill see them every day.

  6. Donnie Mitchell

    Thanks Bro, Great Viedo and Tips…Your Da Man

  7. limeyosu2000

    water is allowed and wine like he said.

  8. John Bostwick

    Quick Tips: Arrive a day before / Take Alarm Clock
    Take 2 IDs, Drivers license & Passport / Cash for Tipping
    Water Flavors/ Swimsuit / Snorkel / Sun Lotion
    For More Tips: Search Google for *Cruise Ship Secrets by Nathan Max*

  9. Malgorzata Lukasik

    your idea with my project and technology :)

  10. LondonGeorge1

    that varies by cruise lines….

  11. Small Steps Daily

    Very nice video — wish I’d seen it before my very first cruise just last
    week! 🙂 I certainly learned a lot. Thank goodness we did find out about
    the one outlet ahead of time — the surge protector is critical to bring on
    board! And, you’re right — the water tastes horrid! I always used any
    lemons that came with my appetizers or entrees to flavor it.

  12. Michele Gmitrowski

    How did you bring the bottles of water on? did you pack them?…great idea
    by the way : )

  13. Soviet6500

    lol my first cruise ever is going to be on the biggest cruise ship in the

  14. CruiseTipsHelpDesk

    @irisheyezfsu I went with Carnival on this trip because the port was in
    driving distance from my home and was centrally located for the other
    people going with us. Carnival isn’t known for the best service, but I seem
    to have the most fun on Carnival Cruises

  15. malt8291

    lol he took a blender

  16. DreamWarriorFish


  17. sandrocks719

    I went on the Carnival Legend

  18. SuperRubyDog

    nasty toes them mate

  19. toymachine76au

    Ways to get drunk cheap. Sad alcohol is your main focus to enable you to
    have fun.

  20. Nancy Storrs

    Just ask your steward for ice. Silly to bring it on board.

  21. akaprtyboy08

    I didn’t think Carnival allowed you to bring wine or water onboard. Am I

  22. Elisha's Positive Training

    Who says alcohol is the main focus? It’s one of the most expensive parts of
    the cruise that is easy to find alternatives for. That was not the only
    thing mentioned in the video.

  23. mattssamson23

    im using dis in 9 days and message me for advice in mexico

  24. KSUTKOWSKI - Visual FX and Digital Production

    insted of a cooler dont they have a mini fridge???

  25. CruiseTipsHelpDesk

    @Trav4670 it was a gift. try ihome dot com