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  1. Brittany Stites

    My husband and I are going to Alaska next year (his first cruise my third) and stumbled upon your channel. We will be using the binder idea for keeping shore excursion ideas/must do's. Great information and you are so right, cruises are just SO much fun! :D

  2. Mikey C

    Great vid Teri. I love the book and bag idea, my wife and i will be going on our first cruise in November to celebrate our 25th year Anniversary on the carnival Vista, cant wait to go. Should i bring a lot of singles for the casino and for tipping?

  3. Jeunesse Raymundo

    So glad I came across this video. Thank you!

  4. Nobie Smith

    great video

  5. Proudgigi

    Next year is our 35th anniversary and now I want to go on a cruise!!! You make it sound so fun!  Debbie

  6. Y Welch

    Love the folder idea!

  7. Sandy NBTX

    I have the same bag & love it for car travel. Does it fit under an airplane seat? I'm also in Houston and also follow Jen.

  8. BusyBeingJen

    Oh! And happy belated birthday!!!

  9. BusyBeingJen

    Loved this video, Teri! Glad you are liking your little bag and I hope the notebook system works for you. I'm adding more stuff to mine today (excursions and stuff to do at certain ports). :)

  10. rryoder1

    We go to Disney every year and I put all of our stuff in a Disney princess folder. For our Disney cruise I put all of our stuff in a Disney folder. I've been doing it for years. It is so handy!

  11. vera bianco

    Hi teri, My husband and I like to cruise too! We're taking an Alaska cruise next month with my sister and brother-in-law (I prefer to take cruises to warmer destinations, but my husband really wants to take this cruise, and we've been on a few Caribbean cruises so he wins this time LOL!) Also its our first time staying in a suite with special privileges. Can't wait. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun. Looking forward to all your tips.

  12. Ada Solly Styling

    Great video. You will have a ball.

  13. Cathy P

    Great video….still waiting for your LV reveal ????????????????

  14. Nettie Ward I Nettiesworld4u

    Teri great tip for cruising, I have never been on one because I get sea sick very easily???? Also I have heard that most people gain 5-10 lbs on cruises? Could you share your thoughts on this????????????another of my fears????

  15. OfficialMarleneRose

    GREAT IDEA for a Series Teri!!! Travel Tips are the BEST!!! Just uploaded a New Video Today!! Looking forward to see the next one!!!!

  16. Kari H

    So much useful information! We WILL go for a Mediterranan cruice soon. Maybe next year. We have planned it for years 🙂 We just went to Italy, England is coming up in August, and a weekend trip to Prague is in October. But next year……. Have a great trip! Take pictures/videos. Please!

  17. Princess

    Thank you, Teri for sharing. I am already inspired…
    Tonight, I am going to Hokkaido and I think cruising sounds like a great idea for the next trip! It sounds so fun…..

  18. terianne time

    Love cruising… Only have gone once to the Eastern Caribbean with the Royal Caribbean Line! It was wonderful…went with the whole family!! I'll be interested to hear what's new in cruising and any tips you can give!! Xo, Terianne

  19. Fran A

    Hey Teri!  You are making me want to CRUISE!  My husband & I have been on several.  You made me laugh when you talked about the adult deck.  We took a Disney 7 night cruise with our grown son and my husband's family (BEST CRUISE LINE!) and we LOVED the adult deck!  We were worried about all of the screaming kids but Disney did such a good job keeping them busy it was fine.  Cruises are so much fun, no stress & a great value.  Have a great time!

  20. Shake Up Makeup

    Your living room is beautiful Teri. I have never been on a cruise but my parents have been on several and enjoyed all of them. I know that you are going to have a great time! Xoxo Laura