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Cunard World Cruise

2008 marks a momentous event in Cunard’s illustrious history: Queen Victoria’s Maiden World Cruise.
We invite you to join us on this exciting maiden voyage as Queen Victoria carves a lightening swath around the globe in 105 days. Proud, stylish, with unmatched grace and peerless power, Queen Victoria is the greatest ocean liner of our time.
Come discover the thrill of sailing a legend. Enjoy the singular excitement of circumnavigating the globe in the high style and easy grace that royals, stars of film and stage and other glamorous travellers have shared before you. A World Cruise with Cunard will be the voyage of a lifetime, the dream of a lifetime. We invite you to celebrate.
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  1. alwayson09

    There will be a time in the not too distant future that I will be purchasing two tickets for the complete 103 day itenrary. This will be one cruise that I won't be affording the ocean view stateroom though, LOL. The prices are certainly not cheap but who could put a price on a priceless experience!