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Disney Cruise Line – Disney Dream: Villains Tonight!

Disney Cruise Line - Disney Dream: Villains Tonight!

Recorded from in room television loops aboard the Disney Dream September 2015
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  1. olly smith Reply

    If trump can do it so can I.I just do it with better hair ????????

  2. melissa shafazand Reply

    Egen They sang all the single hades i was dyyying ????????

  3. melissa shafazand Reply

    When They Said Hannah Montana ????????????????????

  4. Gaston is Life Reply

    When he said that about Gaston I think almost died. Not of laughter, but of sadness because Gaston and Hades are my two favorite villains. Gaston first and then Hades.

  5. Angela Martin Reply

    pain and panic make me so laugh I love it when they say lord of the underwear and I love it when pain shows us his underwear Hades underwear

  6. Chris Hoon Reply

    Can you upload the "friends on the other side" scene?

  7. Rashida Parveen Reply

    I love you Cruella!!!!!!!!!Whooooooooo go Cruella

  8. LPS Outstanding Reply

    How is Hayes so funny

  9. Oscar The Supreme Reply

    I would punch kids in the face to get a perfect seat for this!!! Villains are always the best but Hades is THE GREATEST!!! He's won the spot as my favourite Disney character by a landslide!

  10. TsWade2 Reply

    Should of been a great show for the Hyperion Theatre at Disney California Adventure.

  11. Rachel BHanks Reply

    haha so funny

  12. mangle with foxy! Reply


  13. Tuba sings Tenor Reply

    overall, it's funny, but DAMN some of these jokes are utterly dated.

  14. Katie Gagne Reply

    The song for "project cruella" is Selena gomez cruella de vil

  15. commando 38 boss Reply

    oh wow

  16. Sleeping Beauty Reply

    I……is this for kids!?!?

  17. gata demon killer- tópico Reply

    Ursula ^_^

  18. Katey Brianna Reply

    The show was amazing, but you're not supposed to record it in order to protect the performers…

  19. hunter lauckner Reply

    I've seen it for real

  20. Alyssia Gonzalez Reply

    Why is nobody laughing I'm cracking up

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