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Disney Magic Tour & Review: Activities ~ Disney Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review

https://www.PopularCruising.com ~ Check out our latest review and tour series from onboard the newly redesigned Disney Magic from Disney Cruise Line. In this video, we evaluate the ship’s activities: the AquaDunk water slide, Oceaneer Club, Mickey Mouse Club, Marvel’s Avengers Academy, Andy’s Room, Oceaneer Lab, Edge, Vibe, Goofy’s Family Pool, Funnel Vision, AquaLab, Twist ‘n’ Spout water slide, Quarter Masters Arcade, Wide World of Sports, Cove Pool, Senses Spa & Salon, After Hours, Keys, O’Gill’s Pub, Fathoms, D Lounge, Shutters, Art Gallery, shops, and Port Adventures. ~ https://www.PopularCruising.com
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  1. Nenad Palija

    i realy like disney magic but im going on disney dream

  2. Lonny Williams

    I've been on the Disney Dream cruise. it was so fun but I prefer royal Caribbean's food better. I just didn't really like the Disney dream's food that much. but the breakfast and lunch buffet had very excellent choices

  3. James Moore

    Hi, great video – I work for chronicelive.co.uk and we are doing a story about the ship as it is visiting our region in the North East of England this summer. Would we be able to use you video in our article, please? I'm on james.moore@trinitymirror.com

  4. jenny la youtuber de barbies


  5. Aubrey Bolen

    Does the Quarter Masters Arcade cost extra?

  6. Valerie Vargas

    Did the Aqua Dunk came in after the Aqua Duck? I wasn't sure if Mickey's Pool is just for kids while Donald's Pool and Goofy's Pool are for families and I noticed Goofy's Pool is rectangular shaped while Donald's Pool is round or oval shaped if I'm not mistaken and right that the Fantasy and the Dream have Donald's Pool while the Magic and Wonder have Goofy's Pool? I see the Aqua Lab from there makes the Magic look more like a water park comparing to the others and I do say the Pirates of the Caribbean style is a nice touch to the redesign Oceaner's Lab plus making Sling into a slide and doesn't the Dream and the Fantasy have a Small World Nursery?

  7. ToadScoper MLG

    MAPLE TREEWAY (am I the only one who noticed it?)

  8. Jessica Leigh

    I'm going on the magic December 18th, 2015. it's my first disney cruise

  9. Kathleen Weber

    We are going on our first Disney cruise in Feb. do they have drink packages like other cruise lines.

  10. tazattk

    How is the dining on the Magic? We recently went on the Fantasy and was very disappointed with the cuisine. We didn't do Palo's but found that in many cases, Cabanas offered a better and tastier meal than some of the dinners we ate in one of the 3 dining rooms. Not all… but some.

  11. Kittykinz105

    yay my mom said we are going on it in january i cant wait until its time!!

  12. Lukaswb 124

    I'm going on it on Saturday

  13. Sharpies4LifeGaming

    Not been on this cruise in a very long time! They've changed so much haha!

  14. GoobyzachGames

    Im going on a cruise soon, I was wondering if the kids club has an age limit maybe 10?

  15. theseabreez

    Disney loves their tweens don't they

  16. Joe Patroni

    annoying voice

  17. Vanessa Florence

    Ive been on this cruise before for christmas

  18. emanthemansd

    Nice great video

  19. Jennifer Englert

    I like this