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Doing Disneyland Alone: Travel Tips (Part 1)

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  1. Shelly He

    Thank you for sharing your advices! I’ll be going to LA Disneyland alone to
    celebrate my 18th birthday in just 24 days! I am super excited about it

  2. Ryan Mock

    If you’re traveling by car only, it’s very helpful to have maps and a GPS
    navigation system with it’s most recent update. Also snacks and foods and
    an ice chest is perfect. I’ve never done anything alone but I want to go to
    disneyland alone since it’s the only way I can afford it so yeah. I’m
    afraid of night driving though so my plan is to leave my house at night so
    I’m driving in familiar areas while it’s dark and then as I get to the
    unfamiliar areas of my journey, by then the sun will be up. If not then I
    might just pull over to the side of the road and sleep in the car cuz I’m
    just too afraid haha I’m paranoid. I’m only 18 though so I’m not at all
    confident. It’s a 6-7 hour drive by car for me which feels like a lifetime
    when you’re nervous the whole time. 

  3. HundredsandThousands

    Im a child and I am using these tips in case I get separated from my
    parents. Thank you for your kind words of wisdom and have a magical time at
    disneyland xxxx

  4. heidi fairgrieve

    what’s on your t shirt

  5. ChairaAdema

    First:Thanks for these amazing tips! have some myself: If someone is
    staring/looking way too much at you and you think he/she is gonna steal or
    do something to you, just say something to them or ask them something like:
    can I help you? Is there something wrong? That gives you time to have a
    better look at their face and that scares them cause you will be able to
    regonize them! Also try to learn a bit of the language so IF you get lost
    or something you can ask for help 😉 And if you think someone is gonna
    steal something from you. Walk away from them and like Laura said: keep
    your eyes open and be aware ;)

  6. DisneyRox

    I love “Don’t be scared, Be aware.” This is the best thing ever honestly…

  7. ThatDisneyLover
  8. cerrie spall

    i freaked out going to disney with my own family as it was our first time
    goin anywhere as a family a im 25 

  9. Sam4G0d

    I’ve been to Disneyland (Paris) many times, but never on my own. I’ve been
    contemplating it and this definitely encouraged me to try it. My problem
    is, I love rides (mostly the big ones) and they’re usually more fun with
    friends/family. But I think it would be nice to experience Disneyland on my
    own once just to take everything in. And be able to go at your own pace, do
    what you want when you want, take as many photos as you want without
    feeling like you’re annoying the people you’re with etc… Sounds like a
    nice change! Haha! Have a fab time next week Laura :)

  10. Tracey Travels

    Good tips, I’ve traveled on my own to a lot of places including Florida and
    the tips you have given are really good. My daughter is 16 and I have
    taught her the same tips, basic common sense has to be your best friend
    when travelling. Btw, loving the new hair do :)

  11. ken powell

    Have a super time, can’t wait to hear all about it, great advise, I travel
    a lot on me own, I think (maybe silly) but carry a torch and let someone
    (I.e folks) back home, know your travel times, info as if you forget and
    you’re can’t find the info, then you can always give them a quick call &

  12. heidi fairgrieve

    oh and look out for Disney decorative shoe there in the Disney store

  13. Tara Duryea

    Very helpful video thankyou

  14. LauuuuB

    I’m not a roller coaster person so when my friends go on the Space Mountain
    or any roller coaster, I’m always waiting alone in front of the attraction.
    Because of that, I sometimes wait for an hour or more and I always feel a
    bit scared to be on my own in the park. I’m 19, I don’t mind being by
    myself, to wait alone, but I never went on attractions etc. Thanks to your
    videos and advices, I’ll definitly try to enjoy the time I’ll have by
    myself to meet some characters and go on attractions. Sorry for the bad
    English, much love from Belgium <3

  15. Vinylmation Kingdom - Disney Infinity & Beyond

    Some great tips… I’ve done a lot of travelling on my own and there are
    many great tips that I always used: Even as a male, much of what you said
    applies to everyone.

    Know your information
    Tell someone – Email/txt someone with your rough schedule
    don’t walk around at nighttime, I always did as much as possible in
    daylight and stayed in more busy areas.
    Have a book/magazine with you
    don’t block out everyone with some headphones, you need to be more aware
    Eat properly… its easy to eat rubbish when your own your own. (Buffet’s
    are a good way of not feeling odd but being able to get real food)
    Be more aware,

    There are lots of great advantages to going on your own,

    you can do everything you want, ,
    At Disney, lots of single rider queues make things faster and jumping
    forward when they want to fill in the carts.
    easier to see parade’s etc as you only need to worry about yourself, no
    need to hang around for hours for a good spot as you can just go in at the

  16. heidi fairgrieve

    awesome video

  17. MrOrsie

    Great video! I’m thinking Life Lessons With Laura should become a thing! 😛
    When you started talking about self defence I got the whole Black Widow
    vibe, especially with how your hair currently looks!

  18. DisneyRox

    These are really good and helpful tips!! Thanks for sharing its always good
    to be prepared!!

  19. Jacob Bush

    I’m so glad you’re going back to Disneyland! I love watching Disney vlogs.

  20. CT Limo

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