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EATING ON A CRUISE: Full Day of Eating on Holiday (P&O Cruise)

A video of all inclusive eating onboard a P&O cruise ship (the Aurora). #food #eating #holiday #cruise #pudding #texmex #mediterranean #cruiseship #boat #ship #relax #chill
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  1. STANVLOGS Reply


  2. revdtricia Reply

    Looks like Arcadia!

  3. Free Lavin Reply

    Seven eggs.. Peppa pig !!

  4. LUCY RUMLEY Reply

    What cruise did you go on ???

  5. Default Name Reply

    Well done Lauren, Great video,,,impressed,, I just viewed this one…check it out…https://youtu.be/oDSXzl3CiGc

  6. emosh73 Reply

    The food is disgusting just like cruises in general.

  7. Izzy Mcgill Reply

    I can't wait, I'm going on a cruise that my cousin performs on, so I'm so excited if its as good as this I'm really excited. thanks for the video. x

  8. John Wong Reply

    Are you sure not that hungry?

  9. Sloth ception Reply

    how the fuck do you eat so much

  10. RavaRiley Reply

    SEVEN EGGS !!!!

  11. Nate Handley Reply

    having worked on a cruise ship, i gotta say, the food isnt all that behind closed doors…..

  12. NicoletteDelMar Reply

    Stumbled across your page but I recently went on a cruise in August. I was so scared I wouldn't be able to eat healthy but luckily they had some great choices! So jelly yours had froyo haha

  13. JohnSAitken Reply

    What ship was this? I did not know P&O Gave free ice-cream.Where do you shove all that food and still be so skinny?

  14. Zack Wade Reply

    good work! subscribe back we're in this youtube game together!

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