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EATING ON A CRUISE: Full Day of Eating on Holiday (P&O Cruise)

A video of all inclusive eating onboard a P&O cruise ship (the Aurora). #food #eating #holiday #cruise #pudding #texmex #mediterranean #cruiseship #boat #ship #relax #chill
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  2. revdtricia

    Looks like Arcadia!

  3. Free Lavin

    Seven eggs.. Peppa pig !!


    What cruise did you go on ???

  5. Default Name

    Well done Lauren, Great video,,,impressed,, I just viewed this one…check it out…https://youtu.be/oDSXzl3CiGc

  6. emosh73

    The food is disgusting just like cruises in general.

  7. Izzy Mcgill

    I can't wait, I'm going on a cruise that my cousin performs on, so I'm so excited if its as good as this I'm really excited. thanks for the video. x

  8. John Wong

    Are you sure not that hungry?

  9. Sloth ception

    how the fuck do you eat so much

  10. RavaRiley

    SEVEN EGGS !!!!

  11. Nate Handley

    having worked on a cruise ship, i gotta say, the food isnt all that behind closed doors…..

  12. NicoletteDelMar

    Stumbled across your page but I recently went on a cruise in August. I was so scared I wouldn't be able to eat healthy but luckily they had some great choices! So jelly yours had froyo haha

  13. JohnSAitken

    What ship was this? I did not know P&O Gave free ice-cream.Where do you shove all that food and still be so skinny?

  14. Zack Wade

    good work! subscribe back we're in this youtube game together!