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European Cruising 101

Subscribe for more European travel talks: https://rickstev.es/I2yHn Designed for first-time cruisers, this introductory class covers a wide range of topics including the factors to weigh when choosing and booking a cruise, how to approach all the optional add-ons and practical travel skills for enjoying your time both on the ship and in port. Download the PDF handout for this class: https://goo.gl/z93hmS

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  1. Charlene S Noto

    Like the honesty and appreciate the advice. Would like to travel, but at my age and physical abilities, your walking excursions are not feasible. A cruise seems a more practical  option.

  2. Marlen Gaddis

    one day I'm are trying to go back to Rome for vacancies in ltaly for 7 day and I will have so much fun nice view of the city of Rome be okay with it just can't wait for so fun

  3. Russell Trakhtenberg

    this sounds like reasons of why not to cruise. lol

  4. MajorAddiction

    lol meme t-shirts in the middle 38:00. anyway, very great overview with enough details that applies to most all ships.

  5. Krishna Mullapudi

    thank you