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European Travel Tips & Tricks | How I planned my summer vacation

Cities I went to:
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
Venice, Italy
Rome, Ital
Santorini, Greece

Some of the tours I did:

Apps I mentioned
– Tripit
– Uber
– Hotel Tonight
– Kayak
– TripAdvisor
– Yelp
– Open Wifi finder
– Translate
– Triposo

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  1. Delightful Travellers

    Great vids. Well done! We really liked it.

  2. Shanda Maya

    its not playing

  3. Ihudiya Warrior

    I have a question. I might consider being a medical doctor in the future so,
    how do you plan these trips as a pharmacist?

  4. Nubianette

    Packing light it the best! I only do carryon. I take about 3 styling products in small containers. I have relaxed hair and I take my flat iron and small travel hair dryer. Europe has good shampoo and conditioner, at least for me, but I need my other hair stuff. I have oily skin, so mineral makeup is great for me.

  5. shoemaker

    That braid advice is the best advice! Thank you thank you thank you! Wearing braids is just the easiest hairstyle when travelling like that.

  6. Styleand Stilettos

    great video doll !!!! next time you do a europe tour you should come to The Netherlands (amsterdam) we would love to meet you

  7. Kayla

    Youre seriously lookin flawless in every single video u make! Anyways, great tips 🙂 Really helpful!!! ????????

  8. More Sunny

    how much money total did you send?

  9. More Sunny


  10. Bisola Adediji

    Hey Ify! Love the video! I ordered something from Nkeoma awhile ago…over a month ago and I still haven't received an email confirming shipping?

  11. Chi Eke

    Nice video! But you should post a vlog of how Law proposed to Nky and just Nky's birthday celebrations. Thanks!

    Btw. You're absolutely gorgeous!

  12. JustJanee

    Thank you for this! I just have a few questions about Greece. Which airline did you use and which airport did you fly into to get to Santorini? Also, what part of the island did you stay on (Fira, Oia…?)? Last question 🙂 which hotel did you choose and were the rates reasonable? Sorry for all the questions but thank you for this vid!

  13. Wemimo Ogundiwin (thatmumof5)

    Awesome video, another keepsake video for my fast growing kids. I love the idea of printing journey itinerary and giving a copy to friends and family because you can never tell what could be happening at any time as this world is another drama on its own. I must say you are a very brave young woman to embark on such trip. Well done, any plans for trip to Naija yet?????????????????????????????????????????

  14. orchdkn

    good tips…. btw depending on how far your going trains are more expensive! budget airlines are fine imo but only if you have a small carry-on (I back-packed for 6 wks)….if not and you get a mean person you have to pay for luggage. Oh and next time do hostels!!! I was a bit bougie tho and only did the private rooms and they where really nice plus splitting the cost in half with a friend. and for the charger situation… I just brought my laptop because all my devices used usb chargers but my laptop so I just charged my laptop and connected the other devices to charge off my laptop

  15. Temi Alade

    Great tips!!! Thanks so much!????

  16. Grace Y.

    the video is really nice and informative Ify. thanks for sharing. did u use any spots for language translation?

  17. cutecutegirl

    I love your makeup

  18. dbuckner2000


  19. Gloriakey's Hairstyles

    FIIIIIIIIRST <3 <3 <3 <3