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  1. Riza hariati

    I'm not flexible. I have to have good bathroom and bedroom. And not sweating. I hate sweating.

  2. Grimey Belle

    One of my favourite travel channels ????????????

  3. Ishti Hussain

    Is she drunk?

  4. Steven Hill

    Y'all the google.com/fights thing is amazing.

  5. Mae Aldana

    I've been reading all Matt's blog and when I saw this. I was like OMG! It's matt!

  6. Michael Gil

    Did you guys bone after?

  7. Monica Goes Show

    Love the advice! I made a few of these mistakes backpacking through Europe! Now that I have my own adventure show I have to be a little smarter with traveling! Check it out and I'll give you a subscribe too! Great stuff =)

  8. Tiffany McPeak

    My dream place to travel is to everywhere, but the top is Greece. It looks like such a beautiful place with and the different cities. All have something different to share. I would make sure to visit the Greek islands, Athens, Peloponnese, Delphi, & Crete. Greece has so much to offer and I would love to absorb everything from the food, the people, the history and the environment.

  9. Gayle Crabtree

    +Nomadic Matt I've been following your blog for awhile now. You're a huge inspiration! Good tips on the discounts and no-fee cards. The nickel and dime fees will devour your trip budget fast. +Hey Nadine Love your peppy personality! I hope both of you keep the great videos rolling!

  10. Sanem

    Matt rocks!!! you two are so cool to watch here!

  11. Totally check this out!


  12. Munib Hasic

    We got the best hotel deals and some trip plan with +besttraveltrip. com+. The hotel in Pattaya was so good ,we didn`t want to leave that hotel. That trip was the most unforgettable vacation that my family ever had…

  13. ライエバン

    What? Why wouldn't you book all your hostels before you go? I don't want to waste time on a trip figuring out where I'm going to sleep the next night. That takes time, especially if you want a good place in a good location. And knowing the good locations from the bad takes some research too. If you want to stay a bunch of nights in a row in a single location it can be hard to get that if you wait too long. There's a lot of flexibility in what I do each day- but I try to at least nail down what city I'm going to be in in advance. If you want even more flexibility, then you can leave a few holes in the schedule and then see if the hostel will extend you later. But I'm fine nailing down the cities in advance. If you find you aren't really digging something about a city, try something else there- no place is one dimensional. But if you at least know where you're going, I think you would have researched well enough to know about how long you want to stay there.

  14. lonepanther

    I bought matts how to travel the world on 50 dollars a day last year, this one seems new, is there a big difference on this one? I'm assuming it's revised with more tips. 

  15. Eleanor weller

    My dream destination is Madagascar

  16. enigmath

    finding the cheapest flight is easy when you're so close to cool places. try being from Buenos Aires, having already been everywhere close, and trying to travel to Europe. Impossible unless you have a lot of money or savings (which won't matter anyway since our currency changes all the time).
    I'm gonna have to make videos for people with the same problems as me :P

  17. Will's Self-Development and SUCCESS Channel

    +Hey Nadine What about if you want to travel within the US and you're willing to take almost any job? How easy is it to find employment?

  18. heyNebraska

    Those city pass things are great. That's what I did when I went to Chicago last year. All of the attractions that it works with except Museum of Science & Industry (everyone should go there sometime) are in walking distance from Union Station.

  19. Melanie Grant

    Loved this video. Just purchased +Matthew Kepnes book "How to Travel the World on $50 a Day" from Amazon. Can't wait til it arrives! :)

  20. Amanda Morgado

    Being from Australia (very very remote) I want to travel the world. EVERYWHERE!