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Family Travel Tips with Katilette – Packing for a Family Trip | The Mom’s View

Packing your bags for a family trip can become very stressful as a parent! Did you get everything you need?! Is everything ready to go?! Join Katilette as she explains her packing process for her and her family, as they prepare to leave on a family trip!

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  1. Vanessa Cuevas

    do a makeup toreell

  2. Jolene Celesta

    they forgot gains back

  3. sillykidsnow

    Super-duper fun!! Thank you for validating family fun over total home organization. ????????

  4. erwin martinez

    me to

  5. Erica Petersen

    I love your videos so much shaytards
    And moms view 


    love ur ideas so much and all other other moms too!

  7. Makayla Evans

    Helpful if you bring a garbage bag for your dirty clothes

  8. Maha Alrashedi

    Where is Gavin

  9. Beauty by Amber

    I my family I am one of three kids and we all pack our own bags the youngest is 10

  10. Kiera Oshea

    I am going to Philidelphia

  11. Mini Zoella

    I love shay

  12. cecile-jean nelson

    you should put the extra shoes in a bag or shower cap so the clothes don't get dirty from the sole's and put some socks in the shoes for more space and roll your clothes for even more room

  13. Grace Lee

    My mum never lets me pack my own case because apparently i dont fold stuff correctly even though i do. I get all i want out of my wardrobe and my mum packs it

  14. Payton Berry

    One of my tricks is to roll up your clothes then put it in your suitcase. It saves loads of room and you won't have any wrinkles in your clothes when you get to where your going! Have fun! :)

  15. Pavleen Bhangu

    That hat is good on u

  16. Carrie and Riley

    One thing we do is pack in outfits so we can just grab and go

  17. KrayK K.

    You should take you kids to gator land there's zip lines feeding alligators feeding birds etc also it's located in FL look it up some time

  18. Elizabeth Rose

    I remember when I was younger I always forgot to pack enough underwear

  19. Tara Hays

    Love your wall color in the living room! Do you know what color it is?

  20. Angeles Dayleth

    Babytard is so petty