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First time CRUISE vacation packing tips & hacks YOU MUST KNOW!

Cruise packing tips you may not have even thought about!
1.extra cash/ for tips and taxi rides
2.Door sign/decor
4.lysol disinfectant spray
5.Downy wrinkle release spray
6.Cruises provide shampoo & body wash
7.wet ones
8.bottle opener
9.highliter, pen and post it notes
10. towel clips
11.duct tape
12.waterproof case for money/cards
13. zip lock bags for jewelry, medicine, and liquids
14. roll you clothes
A few things I didn’t mention:
-Rabbit wine preserver
-beer salt
-poo pourri (if you don’t know what it is, check it out on youtube. It works!! LOL)
-small portable bluetooth speaker for music
-dryer sheets to place in your suitcase (keeps your clothes smelling fresh)
-Shower caps – you can place your shoes inside of them so they don’t touch your clothes
-Flat iron and curling wand heat cover
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    Can you send the link for waterproof pouch..ty

  2. Tomecka Ross

    thanks alot we are going in september…actually our first one so this was most definitely helpful…thanks????????

  3. Kim Tucker

    Thanks for the helpful tips! Why do you suggest a "non-power surge" power strip?

  4. Gary Hays

    Instead of bringing everything into the water with you…..buy some baby diapers and wrap it in there. Most folks will not try to steal a full diaper off your towel. ;-)

  5. TiunRich

    This video was very helpful and I love the tips about decorating your suit case. :)

  6. Brandon Blackmoor

    This was super helpful! Thanks.

  7. Karla Guerrero

    ima gon on carnival to go to jamaca and mexico and many other places in one whole week

  8. Doperoni

    I go on a cruise tomorrow!

  9. Carlos A

    nice video. question: I just booked with carnival and have prepaid gratuities. I was told when ordering room service there is a separate additional 15% tip (which doesn't make sense if room service food is included). not a cheapskate I plan to tip more if deserved, I just wanna make sure not to over or under tip. can you confirm this? thanks

  10. Gabrielle Marie

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  11. nedra macon

    Great tips, but the background music is very disturbing. Listening to you and the music was a bit too much . . . would've been better without it. Thanks for the video!!

  12. Malachi Garraway

    thanks I am going on a Disney cruise!!!!!!

  13. Eboni Travel

    It's so important to tip the person who cleans your room. It's supposed to be included in your pre-paid gratuities but think about how much they are actually getting out of that small amount that is split amongst your waiter, cabin stew, and whoever else it goes to. You should tip every service person on the ship that provides you with great service. I didn't watch the entire video, so just I commenting on the part I saw. (By the way I love your VLOGS on the ship)

  14. Susie Knight

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    thanks so much

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    Thanks Christine

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    Can u advice me what's the best way to save on excursions once ur on land?