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First Time Cruiser Tips! Carnival Cruise Triumph Cruising with kids and family!

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  1. Evelyn Hayward

    FTTF is under "excursions" on the Carnival site. It is $69.00 for a seven day cruise and it covers everyone in your party. It is well worth the money. We have used it several times and are using it again on our upcoming cruise. I am not sure of the price for less than a week but it is less expensive.

  2. jane Wilkinson

    Loved the tips.  It was super helpful.  We're going on the Triumph and wondered which room you suggested because your comment to get snacks and drinks made so much sense.

  3. SISreviews

    We LOVE cruising and we love the Carnival Magic! Great job!

  4. SkillfulWalnutGaming

    And thanks for this video I am going on the triumph next Monday (the 20th) and I thought this was helpful

  5. SkillfulWalnutGaming

    The pass is called the faster to the fun pass. We have it and were going on the triumph

  6. Kianna “kikigetfit”

    Great Video Thanks for the tips I am planning my first family vacation in November this is our first cruise on the Carnival Valor going to the Bahamas.It will be my Husband, daughter, and I. I am just a little worried about the kids club she is nine and I wont feel comfortable with her leaving the kids club I think I will try the Walkie Talkie idea.

  7. takjensen

    Good tips about the kids club. Thanks. I've been concerned.

  8. Dyana Sabet

    Phones don't work on the boat?

  9. Fiona Deshotel

    Is there a iron?

  10. Conner Woods

    Im 10 and im going on my second cruise and maby you could do a video on what to bring on an alasken

  11. noelle2375

    I 1000000% agree with the kids club. My kids have anxiety about it too at first but they absolutely LOVE it every time. We have been on Royal Caribbean and Princess and they loved both. :)

  12. Lori Borchardt

    First cruise with 12 yr. old son 6/4/16. We are going with our friends that have a six year old daughter. Glad to hear that the kid's clubs are great! Thanks for the video!!

  13. Jennifer Alexander

    Can you make a video about going on a cruise with the baby I'm going on a cruise with my son will be 18 month and I would love some great vice on what to do and how to Japack

  14. betaomega04

    If you want to avoid long lines, get there by 10am. You’ll fly through security, get checked in, and even have a place to sit down until around 11:30 when they typically start letting people on the ship.

    If you want to sneak liquor on the ship, put it in your suitcase and NOT your carry-on bag. They will go through your bag and inspect all beverage containers when you go through the security line. They’re more than likely not going to go through your suitcase that you pass off to the porter when you get to the terminal. But remember that in case they do, then you’ll lose it…so don’t be taking an 18-year single malt with you, mmk?

    If you take wine, I would go ahead and take it through security. Don’t put that in your bag. If you decide to drink it in the formal dining rooms, they will charge you a corking fee if they open it for you. How do you get around this? Take a corkscrew with you and open it before you go eat.

    This might sound weird, but it would be a really good idea to set a schedule for what you want to do throughout the day. Get up early, go check out a sunrise. Also, it would be a good idea to grab breakfast in the buffet by about 7am, because as it gets close to 8am, it’s going to be hella crazy. For your days at sea, the brunch that’s served in the dining rooms is usually really good.

    When you’re in the dining rooms DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ORDER MULTIPLE COURSES. For dinner, the appetizers are usually quite small, so you could really order three or four appetizers, an entrée, and dessert, and be satisfied and not super-full. If two entrees sound tasty, order both of them! Especially on formal night(s), it really is ok for you to order four lobster tails, because those same lobster tails would otherwise cost you $20 on any-other night. Take advantage of the fact that all of your food is included!

    Even if you pre-pay your gratuities, I strongly encourage you to tip both your room steward as well as your waiters in the dining room. Those guys are busting their asses, work incredibly long hours, and are away from their homes and families for as long as 9 months at a time. $40 to each of them (waiters will split it) will seriously make their day. Also, when you finish your cruise, go write Carnival and tell them how awesome your people were.

  15. Lito Martinez

    did u get sea sick?

  16. Kristina Hendershot

    I just wanted to say I think you are absolutely adorable!! Thank you for being real. I'm sorry you didn't feel well, but you handled it beautifully! ????

  17. TheKillerPoncho

    Thanks for the video. I will be a first timer hopefully next year and I have a question, you said your husband would go in the morning and get coffee, I'm guessing from the buffet area, and bring it back to the room. Can you do that with the other food they serve? If I wanted to chill in the room and get some stuff for the night could I do that? Thanks again.

  18. Dank Memer

    what are some tips for first time flyers? (first time flying on a plane.)

  19. Kayla Crosno

    How did you get away with not having to check your bags? 

  20. Rich F

    It doesn't normally take that long to get through security. It was fed just die to your situation. I have gone from security to getting in the ship in 15 mins.