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Flight School for Dogs to Help Them Travel on Planes

Service dogs are not usually trained to fly on planes, and this school helps them adapt to the voyage.
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  1. Epic Aviation / Epic Flight Academy

    Hahaha, cool. flight school to relieve service dogs' anxiety!

  2. kibawolflve124

    cool ccci puppies in the vid XD im rasing one

  3. Chris Matthews

    Go pee or poop

  4. WhoDatNatn

    we should teach them to fly the plane.

  5. wolverine

    you gotta train real people first who behave like dogs in an airplane

  6. Chris Matthews


  7. Matt Vella

    So they can stop over for the to do there business.

  8. Matt Vella

    maybe they will have special flight routes when there are dogs on the plane.

  9. VG D

    i'm saying like if they're flying in a real plane

  10. Pikachu4170

    After the sim is done..

  11. VG D

    where does the dog suppose to piss and shit