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Fukushima : Help Stop Killer Victoria B.C. Travel Agent LOUIS LAMOUREUX

Fukushima : Help Stop Killer Victoria B.C. Travel Agent LOUIS LAMOUREUX

This travel agent in Victoria B.C. Canada LOUIS LAMOUREUX caused Jeff Palco from Alberta to commit suicide and is still at large . Mr Louis Lamoureux also defrauded people by using radioactive materials to trick people into giving him large amounts of moneys while pretending he was looking for Fukushima fallout across Canada . Do not let the murder of Jeff Palco stand unchallenged , contact police if you know this killer travel agent LOUIS LAMOUREUX from Victoria B.C. Canada . Warning do not approach Mr LAMOUREUX yourself he is very dangerous and violent . He moonlights also as a house pinter in victoria B.C. Canada heavily involved in sliver and gold on the internet and goes by the youtube names , connectingdots1 , connectingdots2 , connectingdots3 , silvergoldman ,

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  1. iampms

    Just playing catch up here… glad to see there is a name & a face somewhat…


    Always check your lug nuts Dana! Invest in Gorilla Locking Lugs on every wheel!

  3. kevin blanch

    LOUIS AND NUCLEAR P.R. FIRMS MURDERED PALKO,, give me a call i have details that no one KNOWS,, HE IS A COLD BLOODED RAT;; PALKO WAS MURDERED AND ROBBED FOR OVER 700,000 801-452-1908

  4. Dave Parrish

    Good video Dana, thx for helping clarify things

  5. diverdude701

    A Dutchman has been formally charged with inciting the suicide of a young Nova Scotia girl. He will be extradited after answering charges in Holland first. This is the legal precedent required .

  6. Michelle Grant

    Armed with a $600 Geiger counter bought by her dad, Delacruz studied a variety of seafoods – particularly seaweeds – as part of an award-winning science project that she will take to a national fair next month.“Some of the kelp that I found was higher than what the International Atomic Energy Agency sets as radioactive contamination, which is 1,450 counts over a 10-minute period,” she said. “Some of my samples came up as 1,700 or 1,800.”Delacruz said the samples that “lit up” the most were products from China that she bought in local grocery stores.It is inexcusable that the Canadian government is not testing this seafood.  It isn’t as if they don’t know that it is radioactive.  Back in 2012, the Vancouver Sun reported that cesium-137 was being found in a very high percentage of the fish that Japan was selling to Canada…• 73 percent of the mackerel• 91 percent of the halibut• 92 percent of the sardines• 93 percent of the tuna and eel• 94 percent of the cod and anchovies• 100 percent of the carp, seaweed, shark and monkfishSo why was radiation testing for seafood shut down in Canada in 2012?Someone out there needs to answer some very hard questions.Meanwhile, PBS reporter Miles O’Brien has pointed out the extreme negligence of the U.S. government when it comes to testing seafood for Fukushima radiation.  The following comes from a recent EcoWatch article…O’Brien also introduces us to scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute who have been testing waters around the reactors—as well as around the Pacific Rim—to confirm the levels of Fukushima fallout, especially of cesium.These scientists are dedicated and competent. But they are also being forced to do this investigation on their own, raising small amounts of money from independent sources. They were, explains lead scientist Ken Buesseler, turned down for even minimal federal support by five agencies key to our radiation protection. Thus, despite a deep and widespread demand for this information, no federal agency is conducting comprehensive, on-the-ground analyses of how much Fukushima radiation has made its way into our air and oceans.In fact, very soon after Fukushima began to blow, President Obama assured the world that radiation coming to the U.S. would be minuscule and harmless. He had no scientific proofthat this would be the case. And as O’Brien’s eight-minute piece shows all too clearly, the “see no evil, pay no damages” ethos is at work here. The government is doing no monitoring of radiation levels in fish, and information on contamination of the ocean is almost entirely generated by underfunded researchers like Buesseler.

  7. alex smith

    and he even has a dig at Kevin Blanch – WTF ?

  8. alex smith

    just catching up here and now i am wild i gave Dana what i could afford and i was pleased to be able to do my small bit for the expedition so fuck off DOT MAN you twat

  9. Paul Mobley

    This man has been on my channel before. He is absolutely a scammer. Ive done so much research on nuclear everything and this man dots doesnt even have a a basic understanding of a simple high school physics let alone nuclear physics. He's is very pushy and a loundmouth behind the keyboard. I totally believe he typed those emails because that's exactly how he is. You need to show as much of this mans garbage as you can and show people how this all works on YT. This man should be charged with murder. Im betting if you dig a little more he may be getting paid to do this. You did it right dana and stay on this for geoff sake. People of canada need to come together to get this man charged and also to show people how to treat people on the internet.

  10. avamaria21

    Dana do you think it may be possible that Geoff Palko was suicided?

  11. Rob Thadumas

    i see only two options—–1)we feed his toxic ass to a polar bear….2)we clean him up first

  12. Julian

    I don't know who this "Louis" guy is, and what is driving his self-proclaimed moral imperative crusade. He seems to spend most of his time grinding an axe and little time offering data, sources, links and news from Japan that would be newsworthy. Thanks for posting.

  13. shawnanagins775

    Also, on Nov. 10, 2014, Geoff 'Liked' the update on him in the den, which showed your video from Sept. 24, 2014, as well as h. Thomas Ackermann's 'The Geoff Palko Videos'.

  14. Rob Thadumas

    Dana—You have no equal!

  15. Nadine Black

    hi dana good show last night check out this very good interview
    https://www.ecoshock.org/feed/ click on the discussion titled science of extreme climate worlds greatest coral expert charlie veron on dying of the coral reefs and i quote the coral reefs are dying in the pacific straight to the Indian ocean he dose not mention fukushima but i didnt expect him to hes pretty much main stream and he gets the funding to study the ocean he cant mention fukushima but fukushima is sitting on top of all that he says is wrong god bless dana stay strong

  16. Starlight

    Lol..a travel agent? seriously?????
    not the kind of person to tell where you live or stuff like this..no no no…anything one tells this person may well be used against you! pretty soon he'll be calling the clients kids trying to get the parents hung! ''your daddy told me things i'm not sure i can repeat on the phone…can we meet up I am a detective and have some important things to give you that you really need right now..what time does school get out? my name is louis, detective Louis, me and your Dad go way back ok!''..lol
    find another agent 'folks & friends!' This ex junkie is most inappropriate…:(