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Funding Your Travels/Gap Year

Funding your travels/gap year
Work, work and more work! Along with some hard saving! There is no magic answer I am afraid.
Working holiday visas are a great way to experience a culture and get yourself a few quid to fund further travels. They are offered in various countries such as Australia, NZ and Canada, the linkes are below for more information

Australia: https://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/working-holiday/

New Zealand: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/work/workingholiday/

Canada: https://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/united_kingdom-royaume_uni/experience_canada_experience/index.aspx

Avoid things like package tours and DIY! It will save you money and you will find that you will be able to travel further with the money you have


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  1. Jonathan Glenn

    I love the video, and we have raised some money using go fund me. Here's how we did it. Didn't raise a lot yet, but we did raise some. Feel free to check it out. https://www.gofundme.com/2m2en7m8

  2. James McDonald

    your definitely right ! I've just returned from travelling around Thailand and I now have the bug ????

    the bad news is my job only gives me so much time per year which now has me wanting a career change ????

  3. Annon M

    Is finding a job harder when you are taking a gap year before uni? Most people have been saying to get a degree before I do any travelling but I want to go now!!

  4. Paisley Sugg

    Me and my best friend are hoping to be able to get the chance to have a gap year before or after uni and travel places we have never been before and we hear are really good. We are early teens and we have Saturday jobs and also we work on school nights to earn as much money as we can to save up for this dream of ours we've had since last year which isn't that long and I think that as long as we work had and dream. We can plan this trip and hopefully have the money to go and experience the best thing you can ❤️✈️

  5. Eleanor weller

    I would love to see a video on how to save money on the road


    Short, sweet and to the point

  7. aimee may

    im 16 and just started working my first job (only at mcdonalds but o well), i get paid every two weeks and earn about £150 most of which i am saving to spend on travel when i leave school! every penny counts 🙂 what job did you do to earn money??? i love your videos xx

  8. Cameron Bryce

    What tips would you give for finding accommodation whilst on a gap year? This is the main thing I'm worried about, how did you get accommodation?

  9. Lyra K

    I've literally spent a whole day watching probably 80% of all of your videos and i absolutely LOVE them!!! You kind of are an inspiration for me to get my arse out of here and travel. 

  10. Strike Force

    ELMOOO!!! AHAHAHAHAHA Well your hair looks fantastic!! I wish you were sitting in the sun I cant imagine how shiny it would be.

  11. ADZ01982

    You encourage students to take out hardship grants to go travelling ? No wonder this country is on the bones of its arse.

  12. Whatsername868

    Eeek you are my idol!! Love your vids! 😀 PS – Is there a tutorial online for how to do your hairstyle in this video? Very pretty!

  13. Krysten Taylor (Krysteninwonderland)

    So excited about saving money! I have a glass jar that I try and add to as much as I can. 

  14. Megan Norman

    haha "well it's tough shit" – made me laugh

  15. PsychoTraveller

    You will experience a language barrier in nearly every country this world has to offer. That is the fun part, Start learning some common phrases now, if you have a smart phone you may be able to download an app, which are usually very helpful. But languages are the fun and hard parts of travel :)

  16. Brian Vance

    i want to travel isreal but im nervous only about language barriers can you help me ? how did you handle this ?

  17. PsychoTraveller

    Ah, NZ is on my bucket list for sure. But can't see myself visiting for a few years unfortunately. But please, keep in touch on how it goes, and maybe you can give me some tips! 🙂 Happy Travels x

  18. cameron jose

    hi there great vids im looking at going to new zealand on a working holiday visa for 23 months and u look like a seasoned traveler this is my first time and so i was wondering have u been to new zealand have you got any tips i would be very grateful thanks 🙂 

  19. PsychoTraveller

    Yes, I have got a hostel lined up with the same deal in Sydney so that is pretty sweet! 😀 Thanks darling for the heads up! x

  20. lineggodoi

    Great!! So I'll wait till next wk!! :)