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Gap Year: Should I travel before college/university?

Gap Year: Should I travel before college or university?

YES, YES, YES!!!! I really believe you should create a travel lifestyle, however the answer is YES, you should travel before college/university. Please watch my video explaining my reasons why you should do this.

Next video: How I paid ,000 of student debt while travelling the world!

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Elaine Sarantakos

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Elaine Sarantakos



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  1. MC ME Reply

    U r bae

  2. The Travel Vlogger Reply

    Totally agree!  Always travel :)

  3. Exploring With Josh Reply

    I just turned 21 and I already traveled threw the hole united states been across the country twice and seen the best things to see in the u.s this March I'm leaving OUT THE COUNTRY I believe do it now while your young and free college can wait till I'm 23 lol loving life right now . My channel also has my videos of the travels 

  4. Andy Dooley Reply

    Travel Travel Travel. Best education in the world!

  5. I FLY TOO Reply

    Mολις καθαρισα ενα κιλο φασολακια

  6. jaymeez Reply

    You should let a brutha get that at least one time! Well, hit me up if you ever come to Nor Cal ;-)

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