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Gap Year Travelling, Why Not Teach English And Get Paid?

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You want to spend your gap year travelling but you are concerned about the expense? The fact that you can speak English could be your key to making cash along the way.

Many people planning their gap year travel spend so much time concentrating on travel, accommodation, food and visa costs because of their limited budget that they forget that there are still many destinations in the world where you can be paid to be there simply because you speak English.

It’s worth spending some time looking at teaching English opportunities as they can help you financially to extend your stay and enable you to have interesting experiences you may otherwise have missed.

Here are a few things to know if you are interested in making money teaching English on your travels.

·   In many destinations across Asia, South America, Africa and Europe you don’t need a degree or a (TEFL) teach English as a foreign language qualification to land a position. The major skill required is that you speak English.

·   Demand for learning English is huge and growing. In a changing global climate, speaking our language will be a desired, and required, skill for many years to come.

·   The skills needed to teach English to non-native speakers are not difficult to master and there are many very low cost resources that can help to make you look very professional and accomplished.

·   Teaching English can open up many opportunities both financially and socially and can be very rewarding knowing that you’ve contributed to a person’s development. 

·   The fact that you have taught English on your gap year will be looked at in a good light by many employers.

·   You get to see the things that many tourists miss, meet real people and give yourself a realistic insight into a country should you want to go back (or stay) and settle there.

·   You can easily research destinations and opportunities on offer before you leave including country specific forums where you can get the current lowdown and read posts from people that are doing it, or have done it.

·   If you enjoy your experience so much that you would like to make a career of teaching English worldwide, you can very easily gain qualifications at home or overseas that will broaden the amount of opportunities and countries that you can look at in the future.


I hope that this article has given you an insight and started you thinking about the opportunities that teaching English during your gap year travels can offer you.

If you would like in depth information on teaching English whilst gap year travelling, including a country by country guide, jobs by country guide and a teaching English forum where you can gain the latest information you should check out www.TeachEnglishAbroadBible.com.

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