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Gap Year Vlogs: Volunteering in Costa Rica | sunbeamsjess

Jaguar Rescue Centre: https://www.jaguarrescue.com/
Corresponding Blogpost: https://dossombreros.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/jaguar-rescue-center-puerto-viejo-de.html

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—-What am I wearing?—-

Top – American Apparel

Makeup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUmEWyGhq-k

Cartilage piercings & Ear cuff – I bought them off ebay and the cross is from a French market! But I’m sure you can search that too on amazon/ebay 🙂
Watch – Zadig and Voltaire


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How old are you?

What camera do you use?
Panasonic HS900

Where are you from?

How tall are you?
I honestly couldn’t tell you, I don’t measure myself! All I know is that I’m pretty short haha. Short to average.

Is your hair dyed?
The top colour is natural, the bottom colour is dip-dyed blonde. I have a post on my blog about my experience getting the ombre bleached and it was done professionally.

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  1. s gunnars

    im going there in febuary, so excited !

  2. Kelly Samuels

    Jess, this is so so inspiring! x

  3. Isadora

    Thats so inspiring! I love animals with my soul, but I never been into animal volunteerieng, just been with people in the north of my country (Chile) post earthquake, Now I'm in senior year, and at the end I'll defenetly do some animal volunteering, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Alice Dent

    haha the end is so cute with him on your head!

  5. Fermina Carranza

    Hi I'm from Costa Rica! And when I saw this video I was so surprised because I did the same exact volunteering in the same place! And watch the sloths and monkeys made me melancholic, I want to do it again! Chepito was also my favorite <3 It's a shame you didn't travel much around the country, because we have many beautiful places:)
    I love your videos! 🙂 Byee

  6. Amber Dutton

    Aw the sloths 

  7. Maria Catalina Peralta- Esquivel

    Jess Im from Costa Rica and I think its amazing that there are organizations and people like you who help so much! Xx.

  8. EveLoa

    sloths are the cutest animals ever

  9. Chan Skuxx

    thanks for uploading this gap year vlog its amazing and inspiring! im really looking into doing a trip and would love for you to do a budgeting video like you mentioned you might I would find it super valuable. thanx :)

  10. Nadia Garber

    Jessy, this is the best video ever! So beautiful and inspiring! 
    You are amazing! 

  11. Emma Vasconcellos

    I love Fernando. 

  12. Mo “MorThom” Thomson

    Wow, I have no words as sloths have been my love since I was five. X

  13. Gina Stonem

    Sooo cuuuuuteee

  14. Alana F

    How do you get to volunteer there

  15. 303username

    "that's violetta…she's always sleeping and eating" me too, violetta, me too.

  16. Paula Artavia

    You should have gone to Guanacaste in Costa Rica, and also Monteverde

  17. sophie bywater

    i've just seen this video and you have genuinely inspired me to go and travel around the world and do charity work

  18. Mika

    sloths omg 

  19. Yun Chen

    you two are so nice person…..

  20. exhaleDM