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Get Fantastic Travel Photographs: Tips by Jeff Johnson

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  1. scarefac Reply

    I really loved the movie,thank you for the video.

  2. Kormi Lamarr Reply

    What camera does Jeff Johnson uses?

  3. David Guardado Reply

    I enjoyed that interview.

  4. Simon Walsh Reply

    Really good video! Id love to go on a shoot with him!!

  5. David Guardado Reply

    To me, is very important heard that kind of word. Are inspirational. thanks!

  6. First Photography Tips Reply

    I must say you really know your photography stuff… really video, easy to
    follow your clear voice, and I’ve made note of all those great photography
    tips… just what I was looking for:) Thanks again for sharing such quality

  7. Silber Studios Reply

    @realitik you are very welcome!

  8. diiaanaaaa Reply

    okay, ive been watching all your videos, i just love everyone, all
    intresting photsographers, its inspires me so much. thank you so much, i’ve
    never wanted to work with photographing more in my whole life. THATS what i
    wanna do when i grow up.

  9. Silber Studios Reply

    @ejthedj12 thanks, I loved making it

  10. ejthedj12 Reply

    this is awesome.

  11. Silber Studios Reply

    thanks for your kind words, we’ll keep the tips coming, stay tuned for

  12. Silber Studios Reply

    thanks David, we loved shooting with Jeff, such an amazing story

  13. Silber Studios Reply

    thank you, yes he’s amazing.

  14. Sklep Różności Reply

    This is bullshit

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