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Gucci | Cruise 2017 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Gucci | Cruise 2017 (Westminster Abbey – London – England/UK) by Alessandro Michele | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080P)


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  1. Lisa Lee Reply

    I showed this video to my mother and she could not stop laughing at every out fit I was mad because I like it a few of them m and my mother shop all the time everywhere and she said… if you look closely  you can see you are wearing the same thing stop re-shopping  for the same outfit…

  2. Leta Robinson Reply

    Rejected fashion trends of the 70's & 80's spinster, librarian, & crazy cat lady. Bullying & pity dates optional.

  3. Marialuisa Reply

    Ma uomini non ne vestite ?

  4. Marialuisa Reply

    Mai vista roba tanto brutta.

  5. danielmrtnz Reply


  6. Nat Nat Reply

    Pue si, se supone que este tipo de documentos gráficos interesan a gente relacionada con la moda que como yo queremos fijarnos en los detalles y ver esto y no ver nada es lo mismo.

  7. Benita's World Reply

    cruise? I just don't know.

  8. karen challenger Reply


  9. Bobby Prince Reply

    these clothes look like they come from a thrift store.

  10. Ani Maeme Reply

    These are children playing dress up.

  11. Jack Mackenzie Reply

    Very Inspiring…Feels a bit chilled at first glance, but definitely draws you in…

  12. Oskars Kļaviņš Reply

    Louis Vuitton's and Dior's fashion show 2017 was better than Gucci's

  13. Tarek Reply

    I think Alessandro is too funky for Gucci we have missed you Frieda !

  14. mzzzol Reply


  15. Asmae Reply

    Tom Ford please come back

  16. Ash the Coward Reply

    love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where do you buy these Clothes!!!!!!!!!! so awesome LOVE IT!!

  17. Yung Huf Reply

    fvckn garbage, these fashion fvcks want to watch the urban culture n jock steez, just because they have the outlets n resources. have some freak ORIGINALITY

  18. Joanna Reply

    Zombie walk o.O zombie likes to wear wool sweaters in the summer

  19. David Alejandro González Melgarejo Reply

    The best show of Gucci in the command of Alessandro Michele
    the music, the maximalistic concept , each one of the clothes is unique and every detail is so exquisite.. Loved the rainbow plataform + flower tracksuit combo.

  20. Maggy Simon Reply


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