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Help Me Travel To Belgium

Originally made as a fundraiser, but grew to be my second most watched video of all time. A few months after this video was uploaded my mother and I traveled to Belgium not knowing what to expect, what happened is literally too difficult to explain so you’ll just have to watch it, there’s a video titled ‘Belgium’ on my channel, find it and watch it.

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  1. yosha yonanda

    you're a kind people i promise i will always support you mac

  2. Jo Andrea

    whos watching this in 2016?

  3. aridoesstuff

    2016 viewers?

  4. Melissa Matthys

    i'm from belgium ????????

  5. Sarah Cullver

    You ignore all the haters, you're against bullying and you made me believe I can do everything! I just have to DREAM WISH BELIEVE!

  6. Maddy hfddyhjn lh

    Lives so close to me what

  7. Molly Permel

    Am from Belgium ! 

  8. Natasha Shannon

    That moment when u realised your favourite spoken word started Mac 

  9. Queen Awesome (Audrey)

    Lol, Tbh, when you say the question, you're voice is so loud it can reach the Philippines, but when you say your answers, Only the two of you can hear each other.

  10. Micah Ariana

    I hope you upload the "it's not easy" video 

  11. Liam Tenge

    Hey Mac if your still in Vancouver BC I would love to hang with you some time. I'm the same age

  12. Alicia Wilson

    mac i dont know if you read the comments but you are realy an insparation to my sister she watches everyone of you videos and i was gonna write a letter but i didnt know where to mail it so you are realy cute and we all love you <3

  13. Olivia 08

    i love u sooooo much mac ????????????

  14. Luisa Herciu

    ???????????? I❤U

  15. Kasonga Emma

    Wooooow i can't believe that he did all that

  16. harmons love

    amazing.. xx

  17. Putri Oktavianti


  18. sharon hiko


  19. Ambertje Janssens

    Ur a hero,i love u❤️ u made me believe in myself,thankyou. 

  20. Candice Blue

    How cute almost made me cry