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Helping Your Child Travel On Their Own

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Sooner or later, your child is going to want to take a trip on her own. It may not be until high school when her friends are planning a trip to the beach or an overnight outing for a celebratory occasion. The request may come much sooner in life if she wants to visit relatives or a friend who has moved far away. In either case, you will be apprehensive and nervous, but with proper planning, you will be able to plan a safe trip that you can both agree on. It may take some compromise for both of you, but if you can agree on ground rules for traveling, you will both feel great about how independent your child has become. Your first step to a great trip is to have great OEM luggage. Being able to have everything they need on a trip helps children travel responsibly. Since they will be moving through the airport on their own without other family members, get them sturdy OEM hand carts so movement will be easy.

Agree on a few ground rules before you approve the vacation. When your child arrives in their destination, have the contact you so you know they are there safe. This will put your mind at ease during their travels and it will help them stay on track with their responsibilities. Even if they think it is silly to call and check in, it will help them realize you are concerned about their whereabouts. Should you and your spouse ever travel without your children, abide by this same practice and check in with your child when you arrive.

While your child is the one traveling, they are not the only one with responsibilities, make sure you know their travel itinerary as well as they do. Knowing where they are and when they are supposed to be moving onto the next locale is a great way to keep tabs on them without being too intrusive. If you know where they are, you can contact them without being too intrusive. Knowing they are participating in safe activities is also a great way to build trust.

During the trip, have your child check in. Agree to speak at least once a day. If you think it may feel as if you are monitoring your child’s behavior, let them know you are just excited to hear about what they are doing. While you have every right to keep tabs on them, you do not want your child feeling as if they cannot be trusted. Showing interest in their fun is a great compromise between keeping in contact and smothering.

Finally, be sure you trust their travel companions. If your child is traveling to see family members, chances are good they will have surrogate parents while away. If this is a friend’s trip, they may not be so closely monitored. Get to know their travel companions and make sure you can trust your child’s judgment when you are not around. This will ensure safe travels.

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