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Horrible Cruise Ship Disasters From Hell

Top 10 vacation cruise trip disasters.
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Typically, cruises are considered to be one of the most luxurious vacation options in the world today. You get on a boat for a few days, or even a few weeks. Your food is included, you have a comfy bed to sleep on, and you partake in recreational activities with strangers that you’ll never see again after the cruise is over. There is shopping, shows, and overall a fun vacation experience in one ship, which becomes the universe for travelers and crew alike. There is a certain level of confidence in the ship and crew, meaning that vacationers don’t expect things to go wrong.
But lately, cruises have made headlines for negative reasons. From power outages to plumbing issues, cruises are slowly becoming less appealing each year. It all started with Carnival cruises and ongoing issues making headlines. Furthermore, the travelers on these cruises also revealed that the companies don’t do much to compensate their customers after embarking on cruises from hell. For dealing with issues on a trip where travelers paid good money to relax, the compensation for troubles should be more than what is being disbursed. There are a select number of cruises that have become people’s worst nightmares and therefore ruin any chances of relaxing and unwinding from the real world.
In this video, are some of the most disastrous cruises from hell. From crashing to power outages to bad plumbing, the cruises on this list caught national attention and have caused people to second guess whether or not they want to step on a boat.
The Carnival cruise lines had a string of bad luck between 2010 and 2013. The biggest issue was engine fires that knocked out the power of the Carnival Triumph and the Carnival Splendor. Since the two ships had no power, food couldn’t be cooked, which meant that the passengers resorted to eating cold cuts. But the ship’s plumbing also stopped working. The floors of the interiors were covered in sewage from overflowing toilets and drains. Also, the Carnival Triumph had a man fall overboard in March of 2015 on the last leg of a five day cruise in Mexico.
Carnival has had a rough 2015, as there was another passenger death within three months from falling overboard. 21-year old Cameron Smook’s body has yet to be found after falling overboard from the Carnival Glory while it was in the Caribbean. Holland America also experienced a death from the same circumstance when crewmember Cliford B. Minej either jumped or fell overboard while the ship Ryndam was returning to Tampa.
The Costa Concordia ran aground in January of 2012 and ended up capsizing on the coast of Tuscany in Italy. Out of the 4,000 passengers, 32 were killed from the accident.
These horror stories alone are enough to discourage any vacationer or holiday make to stay away from cruises. The risk is very real, but if the cruise turns out okay without any mishaps, then it will be the vacation of a lifetime.
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